‘Shark Tank’ Standouts: The Most Unforgettable Pet Products Ever Pitched

Shark Tank: It’s become a household name across the country. Each week, millions gather to witness American entrepreneurship at its finest. Everything from the insanely clever to the totally bizarre makes its way to the tank. And when it comes to pet products, we’ve seen it all.

Although some people end up striking a deal, others aren’t so lucky. But we’re not here to judge. We’ve rounded up a list of the most unforgettable pet products to ever grace the Shark Tank stage. The Sharks have already made their decisions as to whether they love ’em or hate ’em. Now, it’s your turn. Here are 15 products that tend to garner strong reactions from pet-loving folks.

1. Apollo Peak

cat with wine

Wine with your pet? Don’t mind if we do. | Apollo Peak via Instagram

Cat wine? Dog wine? We know, there’s some explaining to do here. During this particular Shark Tank pitch, the owner sold the product as a way to include your beloved pet in your favorite post work tradition: kicking your feet up while enjoying a nice glass of wine. Thus, Apollo Peak was born. But don’t worry, it’s still good for your pets. And there’s no actual alcohol content in the product. With flavors, such as The White Kittendel, The Pinot Meow, and The Moscato, it’s no wonder cat lovers have already gotten behind this.

2. LICKI Brush

using brush on cat

Your cat’s not the only one who can do the licking around here. | PDX Pet Design via Instagram

Think humans are the only ones wanting to include their pets in at-home rituals? Think again. Just when you thought your cat was able to take care of all of his licking himself, PDX Pet Design brought you the LICKI Brush. That’s right, a brush that you, the human, puts in your mouth, emulating a tongue, so you can lick — er, brush — your cat to your heart’s desire. And though they didn’t get any offers from the Sharks, the founders still maintain their products are just what every feline and their companion need.

3. CitiKitty

Black cat sitting on the human toilet

Now your cat can be potty trained, too. | iStock.com/Seregraff

Of course your cat needs to be potty trained. Well, at least that’s what the powerhouse businesswoman behind CityKitty thinks. And maybe she was right, seeing as how she got a deal and her product saw immediate success. According to the product’s website, “The night CitiKitty aired on Shark Tank the product became the #1 Seller on Amazon.com in the Home & Garden Department. A slot usually held by Fortune 500 Manufacturers.”

So, there you have it. If you live in a small space and a stinky litter box has kept you from getting a cat, worry no more. The CitiKitty clearly has a market, and the brand has won over millions of feline-loving neat freaks nationwide.

4. Fresh Patch

Fresh Patch pitch on Shark Tank

Fresh Patch might be your new best friend. | Fresh Patch via Instagram

Yet another product for city-dwelling folks and their best friends, the Fresh Patch is your next favorite replacement for pee pads. Training dogs can be tough, especially if you’re out of the house for hours on end, which is exactly why Fresh Patch was born.

Delivering patches of real grass to dog owners every week, the brains behind the company is sure this innovative product is an absolute necessity. And it’s not just good for indoors, either. Anyone living in a high rise building can pop the patch right on their limited-space deck, providing their canine with a little dose of the outdoors, even when it’s not totally available.

5. BarkEm’s

Dog in sunglasses with cocktail

There are some things your dog just doesn’t need. | iStock.com/igorr1

Needing to feed your pet on the go can be tricky. Well, there must be at least a few people who consider it a pain, right? That’s what the inventor of BarkEm’s thought, which led him to create an on-the-go meal made especially for your very best friend. While the product was marketed to folks on the move, it’s not the only option.

Of course, there are portable dog bowls out there, such as the ones Ruffwear has been making for years. And it’s easy enough to put your dog’s food into a bag and set it out in said portable bowl, which is pretty much exactly what the Sharks said.

6. TurboPup

Yellow Labrador retriever swimming

TurboPup bars will keep your pet moving as fast as you do. | iStock.com/Bicho_raro

Speaking of feeding your pup on the go, we think this product gives you far more bang for your buck. First off, the woman behind the business, Kristina Guerrero, is an Air Force veteran with the determination and drive you’d expect, along with an undying love for adventuring with her dog. TurboPup provides dog owners with, what is essentially, a power bar designed specifically for your dog during hikes, bike rides, and anything of the like. And we’re not the only ones who love it. Guerrero ended up striking a deal with Daymond John.

7. Heart Pup

Heart Pup sling

Need to go hands-free with your pup? The Heart Pup sling is for you. | Heart Pup via Instagram

The invention of the hands-free baby carrier has changed the game for busy parents on the go. Simply strap your child to your chest, and you’re ready to roll. But for Anastasia, owner and designer of Heart Pup, the possibility of toting your little one around in a sling didn’t end at children alone. As she explained during her Shark Tank pitch, Anastasia was tired of carrying around heavy books (during her time at law school) and her little dog, which is why she came up with Heart Pup.

Searching for a way to carry everything she needed, while also having her pup in tow, this dog carrier was born. Although her eccentric personality wasn’t enough to impress the Sharks, the product is still being sold today. Hm, if only there were a better way to bring your dog along while tethered to something.

8. Petnostics

Young woman with Beagle dog in the park

Picking up after your pet is bad enough. | iStock.com/SbytovaMN

Convenience is a well-sought-after amenity in our digital culture. We now have grocery-delivery apps, Task Rabbit, and anything else you could ever need right at your fingertips. Basically, there’s little reason to leave your house anymore. And now, you can even test your pet with Petnostics’ at-home testing kits.

Everyone loves their pets, but some things are better left to the professionals. Although the idea is noble, the act of collecting samples from your pets’ waste seemed to turn the Sharks off, and we can’t say we blame them.

9. Puppy Cake

Puppy Cake

When it comes to celebrating your pet’s birthday, Puppy Cake is the way to go. | Puppy Cake via Instagram

It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: cake for your dog. But what makes this product so noteworthy isn’t the experience on the show but what happened after. Unfortunately, Kelly Costello, owner and founder of Puppy Cake, failed to impress, and the Sharks weren’t enthused. But there is a silver lining in this sweet story. According to the website, “Puppy Cake Peanut Butter is the second best-selling cake mix on Amazon, beating out all but 1 cake mix for people.” We’d count that as a win.

10. Ry’s Ruffery

Labrador retriever with bone is waiting at home.

Who doesn’t want to spoil their dog with the best treats around? | iStock.com/Chalabala

When this brand first debuted on Shark Tank, formerly known as Ryan’s Barkery, the founder was just a kid. Owner Ryan Kelly’s boyish charm, along with his homemade dog treats, caught the attention of Barbara Corcoran, from whom he secured an investment for his business before he even reached high school. And the business is still booming today.

11. Kane & Couture

Kane & Couture Shark Tank pitch

Kane & Couture failed to live up to expectations. | Shark Tank ABC via Instagram

Kane & Couture isn’t your average pet clothing brand. Founder and president Amber Lee Forrester was determined to create a line that would stun, and stun she did. Although the company specializes in “comfortable and convenient dog products designed with an urban-chic touch,” the main takeaway from the pitch was Kevin O’Leary’s wonderment when a dog in a bow tie walked by.

But all kidding aside, Forrester’s real downfall was her confidence. According to the site, “Daymond John and Lori Greiner agreed to invest in Kane & Couture if Amber can prove her optimistic projections realistic in the coming months.” Forrester, however, bit off more than she could chew, and things didn’t pan out the way she’d hoped.

12. Innovation Pet

Innovation Pet on Shark Tank

Products, such as the chicken coop and unique dog houses, really sold the Sharks. | Innovation Pet via Instagram

This company makes the list because, quite simply, its products are awesome. A team of savvy designers is behind Innovation Pet, which creates and sells unique, sensible, and thoughtfully designed pet products to consumers who care about architecture, the environment, and their pets. The line includes chicken coops, cat scratch tower units, and dog houses, but they’re all crafted with a twist. And leave it to the design Shark to take notice: Daymond John struck a deal with Innovation Pet, and the company’s success continues to grow.

13. PetPaint

poodle covered in pet paint

Let your creative flag fly. | PetPaint via Instagram

Abe Geary was searching for a product that would enable pet owners everywhere to safely deck out their dogs. When he couldn’t find exactly what he wanted, he created it: a line of color spray made especially for man’s best friend. The pros include being able to transform your pet for special occasions, and, as Shark Mark Cuban pointed out, impressing your kids, as one spray of PetPaint will turn any parent into super dad. Unfortunately, Geary didn’t walk away with a deal, but the brand continues to expand today. And best of all, all products are veterinarian tested and dog safe.

14. I Want to Draw a Cat for You

Smiling woman playing with her cat and holding a book in the living room.

Love cats? You can order a personalized drawing of your favorite one. | iStock.com/cyano66

Although this one is more for the humankind, it’s because of the clever cat concept that I Want to Draw a Cat for You made our list. And yes, the business is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Creative mind Steve Gadlin and his offbeat skill set were enough to impress Mark Cuban, from whom he got an investment. So, the next time you’re unsure of what to get your friend, partner, or anyone who has a birthday coming up, this might be your best gift idea yet.

15. PupBox

PupBox pitch on Shark Tank

PupBox delivers everything you need for the newest member of your family. | PupBox via Instagram

Basically, this pitch tugged at our heartstrings, grabbing the viewers’ attention with a total cuteness overload. Who can resist an adorable, fluffy puppy? So, what’s the company all about? PupBox is a subscription service delivering products, training tips, and other supplies tailored to your puppy’s every need.

Unlike other companies, this business focuses on that very special stage of bringing home the newest member of your family. And the company’s sales are on fire, thanks in large part to the deal the owners struck with Robert Herjavec, Inc. reports.

Do you have a favorite pet product or Shark? Unfortunately, not all products see success after their episode has aired.