Simple, Sensible, Space-Saving Hacks Inspired by Tiny Home Living

You don’t have to live in a tiny home to know the importance of space-saving hacks. Making every corner of your coop count requires real skill — and lots of patience, of course. Whether you’ve taken up residence in a totally transformed, two-story home, or you’re living in a small studio space with not a single centimeter to spare, there’s always room for a little space-saving inspiration.

If you’re looking to maximize space, check out these tips and tricks that have served tiny homes best.

1. Use a kitchen bar that doubles as a room divider

3D illustration of modern flat in Scandinavian style

Create separation without losing kitchen seating. |

A kitchen table can take up a lot of space. So, if you’re looking to downsize in this department, consider swapping out your standard table for something a bit more functional. For instance, you can buy a long table, tall or short, and have it double as a room separator and a place to eat.

Place it properly, and it can go right up against the wall. All you have to do is add chairs. Or, if you’re really trying to save some room, allow it to serve as additional counter space when you’re not eating, and use chairs from another room in the house when it’s meal time.

2. Store small kitchen appliances in cabinets or drawers

Kitchen top view

Keep small appliances out of sight for a cleaner, more organized look. |

Maximizing counter space is absolutely crucial if you have a small kitchen. That said, keeping it clear of anything that doesn’t need to stay out 24/7 will help you achieve a clean counter top and peace of mind.

You can store all of your small kitchen appliances on pantry shelves. Or, if you have kitchen drawers, dedicate one to this exact purpose and nothing more. Although it’s a super simple solution, it’s often overlooked. So, be sure you’re taking advantage of cabinet and drawer space, letting you keep items out of sight when they’re not in use.

3. Loft the bed

View of bed room

A lofted bed creates tons of extra space. |

Lofted beds aren’t just for college kids anymore. Quite the contrary. A lofted bed — or any lofted space, for that matter — is a brilliant way to add extra square footage to your abode. And a house with high ceilings is the perfect spot for doing just that.

If you’re handy and construction-savvy, installing a loft could be your next passion project. (If you choose to follow a step-by-step guide, consult an expert before getting started if you need to.) Or, if you require assistance, there are plenty of professionals out there who can make your loft dreams a reality. They’ll be able to build an expertly-crafted loft in the best, safest location in your home.

4. Put your bed on a storage platform

three drawers under the bed

Putting your bed on a platform gives you the space to put draws underneath. |

If your ceiling height doesn’t allow space for a loft, a storage platform is the next best thing. With this, you’ll simply be raising your bed a bit higher off the ground, but nothing too drastic. Ideally, your platform will give you enough room to be able to store (read: hide) items without them being in the way or taking up extra floor space.

And if you don’t have the chops to build a platform on your own, you can always sub in cinder blocks. That way, you’ll have complete authority to decide just how high you want your bed to sit.

5. Store clothes underneath the bed

Living room with sofa and elevated bedroom section

If you can loft your bed, you can create a closet underneath. |

In both of the aforementioned cases, the best way to utilize your now-spacious under-bed area is by storing your clothes there. If you were able to loft the bed, you can now install a hanging rod just below it, enabling you to keep all your clothes neatly hung without sacrificing more square footage. If you went the platform bed route, you can install drawers or bins, which both make for ideal clothing storage places.

6. Build up, not out

Shelves with books and other items on light wall

Utilizing wall space will seriously declutter your home. |

Don’t be afraid to use up that wall space. It’s the one guaranteed thing every house has, no matter how small. Maybe you don’t have a ton of it, but we know your home has at least four walls, so let’s use them wisely.

Rather than looking for more storage bins and floor space to stash stuff, it’s time to start taking to the walls. Utilizing this space is a super simple solution, so you might as well take advantage of it. From single shelves to built-in wall units, installing some shelving will bring you one step closer to more space and organization in your home.

7. Use sliding doors instead of traditional ones

Modern white sliding barn door

This hack is a no-brainer. |

Most people love keeping the doors open so that air can circulate throughout the house. Unfortunately, open doors take up space. However, there’s an easy solution to this problem. Simply replace your traditional doors with sliding ones, and you’ll never waste that space again. With this hack, you’ll be swapping swinging doors for neatly stored ones that are perfectly tucked away in their pockets.

8. Hang miscellaneous items

Kitchenware and tree hanging on the wall.

There are tons of creative ways to use empty wall space. |

Back to that empty wall space. This one isn’t as obvious as the hanging shelves idea, but it has some serious potential to change your life. Because most kitchen utensils have holes on the ends, they’re ideal for hanging. All you need to do is install a rod of some sort and get some S hooks. Voila, your kitchen suddenly has a whole new feel.

If you find this design trick suits you, why stop there? You can apply this method to just about any other room in the house.

9. Don’t let top-of-the-cabinet space go to waste

Plastic Flowers on Cabinets

This empty space is looking for a purpose. |

Unless you have cabinets that reach all the way to the top of the ceiling, you have unused space on top of them. Dust bunnies up there are a given, but actually making use of that space? That’s not always an obvious solution for some folks.

Don’t let the potential grossness deter you. Rather, face those dust bunnies head-on. Invest in some sophisticated storage bins, like wicker baskets, and organize your items into those. It won’t ruin the overall clean look of your kitchen. In fact, it’ll probably force you to dust up there once in a while.