Spend the Night in Oz and Other Amazing Themed Hotel Rooms

Don’t just stay in any hotel when traveling. Stay in a hotel that brings fantasy to life. Keep reading to discover some of the most amazing themed hotel rooms in America and abroad. You’ll never want to stay in a standard hotel room again.

Genie’s bottle — starting at $335

Genie room Roxbury lodging
If you dream of genie, this is the place for you. | The Roxbury, Contemporary Catskill Lodging

Visit the Roxbury Motel in upstate New York for a truly unique experience. I Dream of Genie fans will love the room modeled after the show. The bathroom looks like Genie’s bottle, complete with hot pink walls. For those who don’t dream of staying in Genie’s bottle, the Roxbury Motel offers other themed rooms.

Hint: Enjoy your drinks shaken, not stirred, in this suite.

The secret agent suite — starting at $398

Seven hotel paris secret agent
The retro look is perfect for the Bond fan. | Seven Hotel Paris

Hotel Seven, a luxury hotel in Paris, France, offers guests the chance to live like James Bond. The hotel calls the room a “retro chic universe,” complete with a lounge corner and flat screen TV, perfect for watching James Bond movies. The standout decor element in the room is the wooden paneling with lighting.

Hint: Follow the yellow brick road to this room.

The wizard’s emeralds — starting at $213

Roxbury Lodging Wizard of Oz
Click your ruby slippers and end up in the Catskills. | The Roxbury, Contemporary Catskill Lodging

The Roxbury also has a Wizard of Oz room covered in emerald green. Poppies cover the walls in the bathroom along with emerald green tiles. A yellow brick road runs through the room. And the Wicked Witch of the West’s feet stick out of the bed. All you need is Toto and a pair or ruby red slippers.

Hint: Trekkies will love this hotel in Colorado.

Star Trek — starting at $189

Star Trek room curtis hotel
The room will make you feel like you’re in the USS Enterprise. | The Curtis

The Curtis Denver offers guests many themed hotel rooms to choose from. One of them is the Star Trek room. The room is made to look like the USS Enterprise. A mural of characters is covers one wall while a very iconic catchphrase is posted over the bed.

Hint: Live like a superhero.

The Batman suite — starting at $111

Eden Motel japan batman
Spend a night in the batcave. | Eden Motel

Visit the Eden Hotel in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, to stay in the batcave. A mural of Gotham City hangs over the bed complete with a Batman headboard. No Batman room is complete without the Batmobile — and this room delivers. Next to the bed is what appears to be a foam or couch-like version of the Batmobile.

Hint: Reenact scenes from this famous movie.

The Pretty Woman package — starting at $10,000

Four Seasons Pretty woman
Have your own Pretty Woman experience. | Four Seasons

Living like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman doesn’t come cheap. The Beverly Wilshire hotel, where Julia’s character stays in the movie, offers a VIP experience for guests. Expect a behind-the-scenes tour of Rodeo Drive, complete with a personal wardrobe consultant and stylist. Plus dinner for two, a couples massage, a hand-drawn bath, and transportation in a Mercedes.

Hint: Feel like the Mad Hatter in this house.

Wonderland house — starting at $550

Alice in wonderland hotel
It’s one of the top themed houses in the world. | Wonderland House

Enter the world of Alice in Wonderland by staying in the Wonderland House, located in Brighton, England. The home is one of the “top ten movie themed houses in the world,” according to the house’s website. The house is full of clocks and quirky furniture. Plus, each bedroom is decorated in a different theme from the book.

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