Starbucks Horror Drinks: Baristas Share Ridiculous Drink Orders Customers Have Put Them Through

One of the best parts of Starbucks, for many people, comes in its highly customizable menu. That also makes people’s lives a lot easier if they have allergies, sensitivities, or just particular tastes. But some people take it way too far. You won’t believe these horror shows some baristas have had to make. Don’t miss the reason one customer gets an insane order (page 15).

1. This drink contains 30 syrups. Yes, 30

Starbucks cup

We don’t know how anyone could drink this. | Jessica Lynn via Twitter

Starbucks barista Jessica tweeted a picture of an order that gives us a stomach ache just reading it. Yes, that includes 10 pumps vanilla, five each of caramel, caramel sauce, “classic syrup,” and white mocha. It also features whole milk, light coconut milk, extra almond milk, light heavy cream, light cinnamon, light vanilla powder, and extra whipped cream. In addition, she asked for five sweet and low, five stevia, five splenda, 10 sugar, light dark chocolate curls, and extra sweet cream. Whew.

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2. Light syrup, heavy everything else

Starbucks cup

Somebody was feeling decadent. | itsjustkat via Twitter

Starbucks customer Raheel ordered one pump caramel, one pump cinnamon dolce, one pump hazelnut vanilla, five pumps mocha, heavy cream, six additional frappuccino chips, and five banana. He also asked for extra whip, extra mocha drizzle, chocolate powder, cinnamon and chocolate curls, cascara topping, and five extra affogato shots. Someone must have a long day ahead.

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3. Honey, sugar, and caramel, oh my

This person must really love vanilla and caramel. | Bets via Twitter

This decaf quad ristretto really showed no restraint-o. Jennifer ordered hers with eight pumps each of vanilla, caramel sauce, and caramel syrup. She also added heavy cream, four raw sugar, four honey, and four vanilla bean powder. To top it off, she then asked for extra caramel drizzle, vanilla powder, cinnamon dolce, and whipped cream.

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4. At this point, why bother with nonfat milk?

At least it didn’t go to waste. | val pal via Twitter

One Twitter user shared a drink a customer used to order every week. It featured two pumps each of caramel sauce, creme brulee sauce, mocha, and classic syrup. In addition, he asked for four pumps of vanilla and one of hazelnut, plus light ice to make room for all of that syrup. The barista topped it all off with light mocha and caramel drizzle, light cinnamon powder, five helpings of protein powder, light praline and vanilla topping, and dark cocoa powder. And yes, the barista then watched the guy actually drink it.

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5. Candy must have pulled an all-nighter to need this drink

Starbucks cup

This person was probably awake for a week after drinking this. | felicitie via Twitter

This Starbucks customer ordered a cold brew with 17 shots of espresso. For context, a standard venti contains two to three shots. Starbucks also does not place a limit on the number of shots a customer can order. Technically, you can fill up an entire cup. Candy decided to try.

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6. 20 pumps of syrup make this a sugar bomb

This is sugar in a cup. | Majestic Queen via Twitter

One Starbucks fan who mercifully remains nameless got 20 pumps of syrup in a custom drink. Those included five each of raspberry, white mocha, caramel, and of course, extra caramel drizzle. They then added extra graham cracker topping and cinnamon dolce, as well as chocolate and vanilla powder.

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7. This user decided to really go big or go home

Now that’s a mocha. | Majestic Queen via Twitter

At least Risa showed some self-control and went decaf on this super sweet concoction. Yes, it contains 16 pumps of mocha syrup. She also asked for nonfat and no whip, as if that makes it better. Think before you order, folks. That much mocha will make it seriously syrupy.

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8. You want extra what on top of your drink?

How is this good? | Majestic Queen via Twitter

Just because you can blend a bunch of flavors together does not mean you should. This Starbucks order contains mocha, white mocha, hazelnut, toffee nut syrup, vanilla, and coconut milk. It also features a scoop of berries, strawberry, and butterscotch, all blended up. She subsequently topped it off with sliced limes, whipped cream, and a caramel drizzle. OK then.

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9. How to order a triple espresso without tasting coffee

Is this person even a coffee drinker? | felicitie via Twitter

Scott wanted his caffeine, but apparently not the taste of coffee. To mask it, he ordered his drink with three pumps each of mocha and white mocha and four pumps of vanilla and butterscotch. He subsequently added vanilla powder, frappuccino chips, dark cocoa powder, and light butterscotch drizzle. You know, for restraint.

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10. You could almost chew this drink

That’s a ton of sugar. | ReXcente via Twitter

This Starbucks barista probably got a secondary sugar high from this drink. The shaken team started out simple enough. It might not have the crazy flavors of some other orders, but it added enough sugar to send a toddler into orbit. Yes, it also includes 18 pumps of classic syrup. Hey, at least they used their own cup.

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11. We can get behind exactly 1 part of this order

We can’t knock the topping. | ReXcente via Twitter

Mocha frappuccinos come pretty sweet without customization, with a whopping 500 calories and 79 sugars in a Venti order. One customer got theirs with six espresso shots, four pumps of mocha, and 12 raw sugars. Yes, double digits. They also added mocha whipped cream though, which does sound pretty delicious.

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12. She would like her pumpkin latte with extra, extra pumpkin

It’s for those extra pumpkin fans. | ReXcente via Twitter

The classic pumpkin spice latte has risen to cult status over the past few years. But this Starbucks customer just had to mess with a good thing. She got hers with 14 espresso shots and 20 pumps of pumpkin sauce, as well as extra pumpkin topping. Good thing she also ordered it without whipped cream, because all of that probably filled the entire cup.

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13. This customer really, really loves frappuccino chips

Don’t tell your dentist. | ReXcente via Twitter

When some Starbucks customers get a free drink, they take it all the way. One got a double chocolate chip frappuccino, with 25 extra helpings of frappuccino chips. Not only that, the customization also included four pumps of hazelnut, two scoops of dark chocolate powder, and extra mocha drizzle. Our teeth hurt already.

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14. This milk comes with a splash of coffee

Is there coffee in this? | ReXcente via Twitter

One Starbucks customer ordered an iced coffee with milk, but it got weirder from there. Next, they added extra 2% milk, whole milk, heavy cream, caramel syrup, whipped cream, and both vanilla and chocolate powder. At that point, it becomes an entirely different drink.

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15. Check out the size of this ridiculous order

At least he admitted to what he’s doing. | It’s Nouv via Twitter

One Starbucks fan admitted on Twitter that he orders an insane drink to “get his points worth.” An example of a recent order featured extra cinnamon dolce, graham cracker topping, cinnamon powder, and nutmeg powder. He also got three extra shots, and a lot more. Hey, at least the guy owns up to it.

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