Did You Grow up in One of the Best States to Raise a Family?

Looking for the best place to raise a family but not sure where to start? Want to make sure your kids are being awarded the best opportunities as they grow up? With help from WalletHub, we take a look at the 15 best states to raise a family.

15. Iowa

Iowa state flag | Oleksii Liskonih/ iStock/ Getty Images

Part of what makes Iowa such a good state to raise a family in is how affordable housing is there. According to DesMoinesParent.com, Central Iowa is good for raising a family because of the many school options and low unemployment rate.

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14. Washington

Washington state | Oleksii Liskonih/ iStock/ Getty Images

While living in Washington will cost you a little more than if you live in other states on our list, it’s still a top-15 destination. Washington suburbs have low crime rates and plenty of family-friendly activities, according to HomeSnacks.com.

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13. Connecticut

Connecticut flag| Derek Brumby/ iStock/ Getty Images

While Connecticut may be a small state, it’s chalk full of places that are great for raising a family. The Constitution State is also flush with museums that boast a ton of history and has a good arts and science scene — perfect for educating the little ones.

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12. Colorado

Colorado flag | Oleksii Liskonih/ iStock/ Getty Images

If you’re looking to live somewhere where you’ll be sure your kids are getting enough exercise, Colorado is a really good bet thanks to its mix of undeveloped landscape and recreational parks. The state also has many high-ranked schools, according to ColoradoParent.com.

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11. South Dakota

South Dakota flag | ayzek/ iStock/ Getty Images

Need someone to watch your kids while you’re at work? South Dakota tries to have families covered and it shows, with WalletHub ranking them second overall when it comes to lowest child care costs.

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10. Nebraska

Nebraska flag | Milenius/ iStock/ Getty Images

WalletHub ranks Nebraska second overall when it comes to affordable housing. It’s no surprise, then, the Cornhusker State is also in the top five when it comes to families that are likely to have young children. It also boasts a long list of activities so the family will never get bored.

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9. Rhode Island

Rhode Island flag | Milenius/ iStock/ Getty Images

When it comes to affordability, WalletHub ranks Rhode Island No 1 overall. Patch.com praises suburbs such as Barrington for having great schools and safe neighborhoods. And while it’s a small state, it’s also in close proximity to both big cities and the beach.

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8. New Jersey

New Jersey flag | Oleksii Liskonih/ iStock/ Getty Images

WalletHub ranks New Jersey second-most affordable state to live in and as having the third-highest median family salary. MommyPoppins.com adds that New Jersey’s public schools regularly rank among the top in the country when it comes to reading and math.

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7. Wisconsin

Wisconsin and USA flags waving on the wind | benkrut/ iStock/ Getty Images

It’s not just safe suburbs that make Wisconsin a top-ranked state to raise a family. Madison is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the country, Livability.com says. Plus, Milwaukee is so full of activities the family will never get bored.

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6. New York

New York flag | ronniechua/ iStock/ Getty Images

When it comes to family fun, New York ranks higher than any other state on our list. (WalletHub ranks to second overall in the “family fun” category behind California — which didn’t crack our top 15.)

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5. New Hampshire

New Hampshire and US flags | juliaf/ iStock/ Getty Images

WalletHub ranks New Hampshire first in all the country in having the lowest percentage of families living in poverty — an instant win if you’re looking to raise kids there. NH also reportedly has the second-lowest infant mortality rate in the country.

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4. Vermont

Vermont flag | selensergen/ iStock/ Getty Images

When it comes to health and safety, WalletHub ranks Vermont number 1. In 2013, VTDigger.com reported the state ranked third-best in the country when it comes to healthcare for low-income individuals and has had the lowest number of uninsured low-income children multiple years.

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3. North Dakota

North Dakota flag | Milenius/ iStock/ Getty Images

North Dakota has the best education and childcare and is more socioeconomically sound than any other state in the nation, according to WalletHub. Livability.com points out North Dakota residence are also regarded as having incredibly high quality of life — perfect for raising a family.

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2. Massachusetts

Massachusetts flag | Oleksii Liskonih/ iStock/ Getty Images

This New England state may draw a lot of attention for it’s rowdy sports fans, but the state is actually filled with places considered perfect for raising a family. WalletHub ranks Massachusetts as the third-safest for families and as having the third-best education and childcare access.

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1. Minnesota

Minnesota flag | vistoff/ iStock/ Getty Images

If you want to be in the best state in the nation for raising a family, Minnesota is your destination. The Gopher State has the highest median family salary, according to WalletHub, in addition to having top-ranked schools and some of the best all-around quality of life in the country.

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