Where to Go for the Best Chance to See a UFO in America

The first renowned sighting of a UFO occurred back in 1947, and it was reported by a man named Kenneth Arnold. He laid claim that while he was flying his airplane around Mount Rainier in Washington, he noticed not one, but nine objects flying at incredibly high speeds — upwards of a few thousand miles per hour. It was Arnold’s description of the objects moving “like saucers skipping on the water” that the term flying saucer was coined.

As sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena or UFOs continued to roll in, the Air Force felt it needed to be privy to the action, launching its own investigation known as Project Sign in 1948. Investigations have continued into the 21st century, including the Pentagon’s recently revealed $22 million investigation, known as the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program.

Nevertheless, for those who haven’t witnessed a UFO, the phenomenon seems questionable at the very least. So if you’re eager to get a glimpse with your own two eyes, here’s where you should go for the best chance to see a UFO.

15. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque new Mexico
The skies over Albuquerque, New Mexico get a lot of UFO action. | iStock.com/alex grichenko

There have been 376 reported UFO sightings in Albuquerque alone. Ranging anywhere from a split second to nearly one hour in length, the sightings vary in color, shape, and size. A report in April 2017 claimed to see an object hovering in the sky with a rounded bottom and funneled top with lights beaming from all directions.

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14. Springfield, Missouri

Springfield, Missouri
UFOs love this small, midwestern city. | City of Springfield, Missouri

Numerous UFO sightings have occurred in Springfield  — 380 to be exact. And according to the reports, some onlookers’ experiences lasted well over an entire hour. Reporters claimed they witnessed an entire spectrum of colors coming from multi-dimensional, low-flying objects.

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13. Orlando, Florida

UFOs made for an interesting New Year’s 2018 in Orlando. | iStock/Getty Images

As recently as January 1, 2018, reports came in of UFO activity in Orlando. According to one individual, what began as one very large spotlight quickly turned into numerous spotlights in a semi-circle formation. The sighting lasted over an hour and a half and was witnessed by numerous individuals.

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12. New York City

Times Square in New York City
Maybe Times Square reminds aliens of home? | AndreyKrav/iStock/Getty Images

In 2017 alone, 39 UFO sightings were reported in New York City. While it appears that sightings were down in comparison to 2016’s 47 reported sightings, many New Yorkers claimed to witness flashing lights and objects of all shapes and sizes that lasted anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. There have been 418 UFO sightings in the Manhattan borough alone.

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11. Austin, Texas

Austin Texas Reflections Lady Bird Lake
UFOs are doing their part to keep Austin weird. | RoschetzkyIstockPhoto/iStock/Getty Images

There are 426 UFO sightings on record for Austin, Texas. In January 2017, reports came flying in about orange, fireball-like orbs flying around in the sky. According to the news report, three lights in a triangle formation split apart moving at impressive speeds. Photos were captured and numerous reports came in from all over Texas and even Louisiana and each report describing the same phenomenon.

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10. Denver, Colorado

UFOs seem drawn to the Mile High City. | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Reports of UFOs out of Denver and the surrounding area are strong, totaling out at 429. From mere seconds to multiple hours, the reports claim sightings of spherical, oval, rectangular, triangular and even disc-like shapes emitting lights reminiscent of the colors from the entire spectrum.

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9. Houston, Texas

Houston residents know to watch the skies. | Sean Pavone/iStock/Getty Images

Awe and bewilderment struck many Houston residents regarding what still seems to be an unexplainable aerial phenomenon. A police officer claimed to see a bright orange orb of light that he believes was a UFO. This makes one of the 466 reports of UFOs in the Houston area.

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8. San Diego

Military pilots have seen some weird things above San Diego.| iStock/Getty Images

It was off the coast of San Diego where Navy pilots witnessed what appeared to be a “whole fleet” of disc-shaped UFOs. The experience occurred in 2004 and was investigated by the Pentagon’s Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program. As it currently stands, there have 477 UFO reports out of San Diego.

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7. Tucson, Arizona

Cityscape of Tucson downtown, Arizona
Tucson apparently gets the attention of little green men. | iStock/Getty Images

“Halting lights that stare back” and an “impossible eclipse of the crescent moon” are just two of the bizarre reports that have come out of Tucson regarding UFO sightings. And with close to 500 sightings on record, it’s no surprise that onlookers have experienced some otherworldly scenes. One resident driving home in May of 2017 claimed to have seen a light brighter than the moon in the eastern sky. With the experience came a “very mild sense of vertigo and nausea.”

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6. Los Angeles

LAX airport in Los Angeles
Have UFOs mistaken the control tower at LAX airport as one of their own? | jupiterimages/iStock/Getty Images

A plethora of UFO sightings have come out of Los Angeles, and they certainly don’t seem to be slowing down. While the city of Los Angeles has just over 500 documented reports, the state as a whole has over 12,000 reports on record. In fact, millions in the Los Angeles region once watched a “massive blue UFO” fly overhead.

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5. Portland, Oregon

Portland has been a hotbed of UFO activity for nearly 70 years. | iStock/Getty Images

The Trent UFO photos from 1950 solidified Oregon as a hotspot for UFO activity. And quite frankly, the photos are pretty legitimate, considering kids weren’t flying drones around back in 1950. Ever since then, Oregon has continued to see its fair share of UFO activity. Portland, in particular, has 528 sightings on record. Meaning your chances of spotting a flying saucer are reasonably high.

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4. Chicago

Chicago gets more than its fair share of UFO sightings. | Ibsky/iStock/Getty Images

While many UFO reports are considered a little bonkers, some folks can recall the 2006 Chicago O’Hare Airport UFO sighting. The “flying saucer-like” object was witnessed by seasoned airline professionals who believe what they saw was unmistakeably a UFO. One United Airlines manager told the Tribune, “I stood outside in the gate area not knowing what to think, just trying to figure out what it was.” This makes one of 562 reports for Chicago.

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3. Seattle

Seattle downtown and Space Needle
Seattle has its share of alleged UFO sightings. | aiisha5/iStock/Getty Images

Perhaps you recall the Kenneth Arnold UFO report mentioned earlier. That took place just over an hour from Seattle. While it marked the beginning of the UFO sightings in the region, it certainly was not the last. In fact, the city has reported well over 600 sightings since.

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2. Las Vegas

cityscape Las Vegas.
It makes sense that aliens would love a place like Vegas. | Sky_Sajjaphot/iStock/Getty Images

There isn’t much surprise in finding Las Vegas at the number two spot for UFO sightings. After all, Area 51 is less than two hours away from Sin City. However, when it comes to Vegas proper, the city has had 649 documented UFO reports. One YouTube video posted by an individual in Las Vegas depicts four yellow-orange, moon-like orbs hovering in the night sky. The orbs started vividly flashing before immediately disappearing into the thin air. Later in the evening, the orbs reappeared, baffling the heck out of viewers.

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1. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Arizona with its downtown lit
Spend enough time in Phoenix and you’ll see some interesting things in the sky. | Dreamframer/iStock/Getty Images

Topping the charts with just shy of 1,000 reported UFO sightings, Phoenix, Arizona, seems to be on fire with activity. And with mysterious light formations regularly appearing in the sky, the chatter of UFO activity doesn’t seem to quiet for long. If you’re on the hunt, this may be your prime spot for spotting a UFO.

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