Where to Go for the Best Chance to See a UFO in America

The first renowned sighting of a UFO occurred back in 1947, and it was reported by a man named Kenneth Arnold. He laid claim that while he was flying his airplane around Mount Rainier in Washington, he noticed not one, but nine objects flying at incredibly high speeds — upwards of a few thousand miles per hour. It was Arnold’s description of the objects moving “like saucers skipping on the water” that the term flying saucer was coined.

As sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena or UFOs continued to roll in, the Air Force felt it needed to be privy to the action, launching its own investigation known as Project Sign in 1948. Investigations have continued into the 21st century, including the Pentagon’s recently revealed $22 million investigation, known as the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program.

Nevertheless, for those who haven’t witnessed a UFO, the phenomenon seems questionable at the very least. So if you’re eager to get a glimpse with your own two eyes, here’s where you should go for the best chance to see a UFO.

15. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque new Mexico

The skies over Albuquerque, New Mexico get a lot of UFO action. | iStock.com/alex grichenko

There have been 376 reported UFO sightings in Albuquerque alone. Ranging anywhere from a split second to nearly one hour in length, the sightings vary in color, shape, and size. A report in April 2017 claimed to see an object hovering in the sky with a rounded bottom and funneled top with lights beaming from all directions.

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