10 States That Pay Teachers the Highest (and Lowest) Salaries

States with the highest teacher salaries

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Each year the National Education Association (NEA) — the largest teacher’s union in the country — releases a comprehensive report about how states use their money for education. A part of this report includes information about teacher salaries broken down by state. The most recent report, released by the union in May 2016, includes salary estimates for the 2015-16 school year. The average salary for that year is estimated to be $58,064 for all public school teachers.

The highest-paying states all had average salaries that were higher than the national average. Though the rankings change from year to year slightly, the highest-paying states for teachers stay roughly the same. Here are the top 10 states for teacher salaries, based on the 2016 estimates. 

10. Pennsylvania

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Average teacher salary: $64,991

Pennsylvania has been the 10th-highest paying state for teachers for three years running. According to the EPI report, teachers in the state earn 87.1% of the salary that other college graduates do, the 7th best in the nation. When adjusted for the cost of living, Pennsylvania teachers also make the third-highest salary, according to a WalletHub analysis. From the 2013-14 school year to the estimates for the 2015-16 year, teachers in Pennsylvania saw an average wage increase of 2.03%, just below the 2.53% average increase among the top 10 best-paying states.

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