7 Stunning Doggy Digs and Kitty Cribs You Need to See to Believe

Plenty of people love their pets. But not everyone gives them a space that’s all their own. Curious to see what kind of doggy digs and kitty cribs were out there, we went searching for the best of the best — and the results did not disappoint.

Without further ado, here are seven totally insane pet pads that are anything but your average dog house.

1. Doggy playroom heaven

A silver container of golf balls, a white sink and a cabinet of dog treats on a wall.

Vern Yup’s doggies get a lovely space of their own. | HGTV

As a judge on HGTV Star, Vern Yip certainly knows a thing or two about interior design. More importantly, he’s all about keeping his four-legged family members happy as can be.

Yip shares his Atlanta home with his partner, their two kids, and their four beloved canines. In fact, Yip’s pups are so well-loved, they have a room of their own. Not only does this help keep the rest of the house clean and organized, but according to Yip, “A space that smells like their territory makes them feel safe.” Each dog has his own bed (obviously), metal antler racks for leashes, tennis ball buckets, and glass treat jars.

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2. A cat’s obstacle course

Two cats playing on an obstacle course.

These cats will never be bored. | Catastrophicreations

Any cat lover knows the value of secret spots only felines can reach. And this thoughtful design is nothing short of a cat’s dream come true.

Crafted by Catastrophic Creations, Kimberly’s cat haven — complete with bridges, hammocks, and perches — is a thing of beauty, not to mention it provides hours of endless kitty-loving entertainment.

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3. Laundry-room-turned-pet-spa

A dog sitting near a washing machine in a bed.

These doggies will be able to clean up in style after getting dirty from mud play. | This Old House

Why have a run-of-the-mill laundry room when you could have one that also doubles as a pet spa? That’s the question we asked ourselves when we saw this gorgeous space featured on This Old House. The abode belongs to Barbara and Edward Marshall of Akron, Ohio. But make no bones about it — this space, in particular, belongs to their dogs.

The dogs love playing in the mud so much, the owners were moved to create a space in which they could cater to keeping their canines clean. How? With a custom-built doggy shower, of course!

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4. A screened-in patio made just for cats

Wooden boards made for cat's play space.

You can see the cats enjoying themselves. | The Cat Carpenter

If you haven’t quite decided whether you want your feline to be an indoor or an outdoor cat, then this design is definitely for you. Crafted by the Cat Carpenter, Catios are custom-built, fenced-in patios designed specifically with a cat’s playful personality — and the owner’s protective ways — in mind.

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5. A tastefully designed, doggy-inspired laundry room

A dog peeking from a bathtub.

These dog lovers converted their laundry room into a lovely space. | Dina Bandman Interiors


Some homes don’t even have a laundry room. If you can relate, then prepare to feel all kinds of emotions (we’re looking at you, jealousy). As part of her creation for the 2017 San Francisco Decorator Showcase, Dina Bandman designed this totally chic, doggy-inspired laundry room.

Complete with a custom dog shower and top-notch finishes, the modern design features a cool blue and white color palate to match.

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6. A decked-out doggy suite

Paw cushions, dog statues and a wooden fireplace in a cozy den.

These pets will be lounging in style. | Wing Wong and Maureen Nowak via Houzz

This doggy-dedicated room has to be the creme de la creme for ultimate dog enthusiasts. One look at this fido-themed room and both you and your pup will be in doggy heaven.

The decked-out dog suite has a fire hydrant statue, a four-poster dog bed, and even dog wallpaper. How’s that for an inspired pet pad?

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7. A stylish barn built for sleepovers

A dog resting on a brown armchair.

This doggy hot spot will be the place to be. | Interiors by SFA Design via Houzz

A barn fit for a social canine is what this custom space is all about. Complete with built-in sleeping quarters and plush furniture perfect for lounging the day away, the lucky pups who call this place home will never be lonely ever again.

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