Surefire Signs That You’re a Terrible Host

Hosting a party can be lots of fun. You get to introduce your different circles of friends and have all of your loved ones under one roof for the night, all because of you. But have you ever stopped to think about if you really are a good host? Read on to find out the surefire signs that you’re a terrible host.

1. You ask people to take off their shoes

woman taking off high heels

Don’t ask your guests to take off their shoes. |

We get it, you want to keep your floors clean. But, why have a nice home with clean floors in the first place if you’re not going to enjoy it with your friends and family? When your guests are getting dressed up to come to your home, they’re putting effort into choosing the right shoes. Let your guests wear their shoes. You’re all adults; your floors will be fine. 

2. You clean up during the party

woman putting dishes into dishwasher

Don’t start cleaning when people are still over. |

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or a cocktail party, don’t start cleaning up while guests are there. If you start cleaning, other people will feel obligated to jump in and either help or clean up for you. Starting to clean before the end of the night can make people feel a little uncomfortable, too, like maybe you’d like everyone to start heading home, or you’re not in the mood to talk to anyone who’s there. 

3. Everyone leaves at the same time

people laugh and chat at dinner table

If everyone heads out when one person leaves, that’s a bad sign. |

If one of your guests makes the announcement that he has to get going and everyone follows his lead, chances are, you threw a bad party. If everyone’s just waiting for the first person to go so that they, too, can head home, you need to reevaluate your hosting skills.

When people stay anywhere between three and five hours, you know you’ve thrown a successful shindig.  

4. You make a big deal about little accidents

Cup of tea or coffee spilling over a keyboard

Don’t make a big deal about something minor. | wavebreakmedia/iStock/Getty Images

If someone spills something or breaks something, even if it means a lot to you, try not to act like it’s a big deal. A good host lets little accidents slide off her shoulders. A general rule of thumb for hosting: don’t do anything that might make your guests feel uncomfortable or burdensome. 

5. You assign dishes for people to bring

pancake dish

Don’t require your guests to bring a dish. | hot8030/iStock/Getty Images

“Inviting you to a party and then having you bring a food dish. I just don’t get ‘hosts’ that do this,” says Houzz reader carla35. As the host of a dinner party, you should be providing a majority of the food; you should at least have all of the basics covered. If a few people would like to bring a bottle of wine, an extra side or a dessert that’s fine, but you shouldn’t be depending on what other people bring by any means. 

6. You don’t introduce people


Make sure to introduce everyone. |

As the host, it’s your job to make sure everyone knows each other. As soon as a new person arrives, make sure he’s well acquainted with a least a couple other people. You don’t need to make everyone wear name tags by any means, but you should at least make sure everyone has someone to talk to. 

7. You let your guests know when the party’s over

woman in bed

You can’t get ready for bed until the party’s over. | Marjot/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Don’t give your guests a hard out time. Let people linger a bit if they want to, and feel free to offer calling someone a cab if it’s getting very late, but don’t let people know when the party’s over before it starts. Don’t begin talking about the early day you have tomorrow at about 9 pm — part of hosting is staying up and entertaining until your last guest leaves.

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