Surprising Things You Should Never Put in the Dryer

Laundry is a necessary evil. It’s time-consuming, laborious, and has to happen all too frequently. After running a load of clothes in the washer, isn’t it just easier to throw everything in the dryer? Absolutely. But will it ruin some of your clothes and other household fabrics? Yes. The unfortunate truth is some things just don’t belong in the dryer.

1. Suede

a suede men's jacket

A suede men’s jacket | Source: Nordstrom

Suede is pretty trendy right now. The rich texture makes it a good fabric for boots and shoes, as well as vests, jackets, and accents. But suede should never, ever enter your dryer (or washing machine for that matter). It’ll actually ruin the color and feel of the fabric. Instead, use these handy tips when you’re dealing with dirty suede.

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