Taco Bell Stuffs Kit Kat and Twix Bars Into a Quesadilla – Because Why Not?

Just in time for Halloween, Taco Bell is serving up grilled quesadillas filled with melted chunks of Kit Kat candy bars. The name of the new menu item is Kit Kat Chocoladilla.

Taco Bell restaurant

A Taco Bell restaurant is seen in New Carrollton, Md. in 2014. | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images
Taco Bell

Think this is a match made in heaven? You’re in luck – if you live in Wisconsin. The restaurant chain is testing the dessert item only in select locations there. (Maybe if the treat goes over well there, it will roll out in other locations?)

Twitter users shared the news and chimed in with their — sometimes waffling — opinions of the new menu item.

What’s more, some locations are offering a Twix version of the Chocoladilla.

In addition to the candy bar treat, Taco Bell is testing out new Vanilla Iced Coffee drinks – again, just at select Wisconsin locations.

Both the Chocoladilla and Vanilla Iced Coffee are selling for just $1 apiece. At that price, it’s worth a try – if you live near one of the participating locations. (Road trip, anyone?)

When it comes to the Kit Kat Chocoladilla, there’s maybe just one glitch: As Bustle pointed out, the name has another meaning. Well, part of it does, anyway. “Ladilla” is a Spanish term for pubic lice. No word back yet from Taco Bell regarding that. The naming idiosyncrasy was not lost on some Twitter users:

In related news, the World Series starts Tuesday, and the restaurant chain will hand out free Doritos Locos Tacos if a player steals a base. No purchase is necessary, and the free taco is limited to one per person. This offer is available at participating locations. Please see the Taco Bell site for further information.

And in case you hadn’t already heard the news, getting married at Taco Bell is now actually a thing. And people have done it. The Las Vegas Taco Bell Cantina features its very own wedding chapel and lists ceremonies on the menu with everything else. The wedding package can be yours for $600.