Target Just Debuted a Brand New Chain of Stores — Here’s Why You’ll Love Them

Target recently unveiled a new line of “small-format” stores around the country. The chain says it plans to open up 130 of these smaller stores by 2019. Most stores are less than half the size of traditional targets, and here’s everything you can expect to find in them.

Food, apparel, beauty products, and more will be available at each store

Small Target aisles

They’ll have plenty of different products. | Target

The smaller stores will still pack a big punch as far as product assortment. They’ll still offer most of the same goods as regular Target stores but in smaller quantities. Groceries, fresh produce, grab-and-go lunches, clothing (including children’s clothing), beauty products, and more will be offered at the small-format stores. Each department will be compact, but shelves will be stocked with products that consumers need most.

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The small-format stores’ product assortment differs based on location

Small target produce

It depends on the location. | Target

Target’s new line of stores wants to cater to consumers living near each store’s location. That means products will differ based on what people in the surrounding area need, whether its college students, working parents, or young adults. Several locations are slated to open in New York City in the coming year. The city’s Upper East Side location will have more food and beauty products to choose from; the Astoria, Queens location will have a wider home décor selection.

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Some stores have opened up near college campuses to offer students easy access to Target products

Small Target USC

The goal is to offer products to college students. | Target

One of Target’s reasons for opening up the small-format stores is to compete with Amazon, according to Business Insider. And since college students love Amazon, Target hopes that putting stores near campuses will entice students to stop in and buy what they need rather than waiting for it to ship to them. Also, most college stores offer self-checkout kiosks for students to stop in and grab what they need if they’re in a hurry to get to class.

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Some stores will include a CVS Pharmacy and Starbucks

Small Target CVS

The stores will still offer pharmacy care. | Target

Some small-format stores offer a pharmacy, department store, and coffee shop all in one. Target has teamed up with CVS Pharmacy and Starbucks to create multi-purpose stores that allow consumers to get their shopping done, pick up their prescriptions, and grab a coffee on their way out. Many college campus stores also offer Starbucks locations for students to sit and study in between classes. CVS pharmacies will be added to regular-sized Targets as well.

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New York City stores will feature trinkets for tourists

Small Target checkout

They’ll allow people to run in and pick up a trinket. | Target

One of the most obvious products offered based on consumers is the souvenirs and trinkets that will be available at New York City’s Herald Square store; the area caters to tourists. Business Insider reported that the small-format stores will allow people to run in and buy something for their friends and family while touring the city.

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Each store’s architecture is designed to fit in with its location

Small Target front

The architecture will match with the style of the town. | Target

The look of the new stores will be based on where each store is located. The surrounding architecture throughout the store’s neighborhood will be used to design these smaller Targets. For example, Target’s newest small-format Brooklyn location was designed to look similar to the movie theater that stood there before it. And Target’s Falls Church location (just outside Washington, D.C.) has an aesthetic that blends in with the rest of the town center. Although the Target “symbol” still remains prominent, the outside of the stores are not the traditional red and white.

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The smaller stores are located in areas that lack a major Target store

Small Target Penn

The stores will be featured in areas where big stores aren’t. | Target

According to, these new Target stores were designed to be placed in areas where consumers don’t have direct access to a major Target. That’s why college campuses and big cities are Target’s focus for now. Since many Target stores are located on highways, they’re not always easily accessible to some consumers . They’ll be great for those without a car, like people who live in cities or students living on a campus.

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