Tell Us Your Astrological Sign, and We’ll Tell You How to Decorate Your Home

There’s nothing like walking into your home and feeling like you truly belong. And if you’re like most people, you probably prefer to decorate your home with a combination of timeless trends and contemporary touches. But there may be one fact you’re not considering: Astrology.

Astrology and home decor

Zodiac signs on clock in Venice Italy

It could determine more than you think. | pixinoo/iStock/Getty Images

It may seem silly to consult your sign when it comes to your home, but if you believe in astrology, it makes sense. Each sign of the zodiac is naturally drawn to different colors, textures, and styles. And since your astrological sign represents the traits and quirks that make you who you are, this carries over into all aspects of your life, from the way you dress to the way you decorate.

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Your sun sign vs. rising sign

Black and white zodiac Astrology chart

Everyone has more than one sign. | vladm/iStock/Getty Images

Astrology is a lot more complex than most people give it credit for. In addition to a sun sign (which is the one you likely learned about when you were young), each of us as a moon sign and a rising sign as well. While the moon sign regulates your emotions, your rising sign has more to do with the way you present yourself to the world. So if you ever read something that has to do with your sun sign and it doesn’t seem to make sense, check your rising sign, too.

Curious? Finding out your sun, moon and rising signs is free and easy. Here’s a little insight into your decorating style, based on your sign.

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Beautiful living room interior

A room with large windows is perfect for an Aries. | hikesterson/iStock/Getty Images

Aries is a fire sign that needs lots of light, so large windows and good lighting are essential. Look for bright accents as well, like yellow pillows or red decorative items. Avoid muddy or muted tones since most Aries can get depressed easily.

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Try pastels or rich earth tones to see which fits better. | iStock/Getty Images

Taurus’ preference can go two ways: An affinity for pastels like blue and pinks, or a preference of rich, deep hues like browns and greens. The theme here is that the Taurus loves feeling at peace at home, so coordinated color palettes and prints as a must. This sign also tends to have an eye for the finer things in life, so high end furniture and accessories may be worth the splurge.

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Geminis like to add dichotomies to their design. | iStock/Getty Images

The Gemini is symbolized by twins, and this sign often craves variety. This often means combining old and new, modern and vintage, and different textures and styles. Eclectic prints, colors, and accents shouldn’t be ruled out.

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Bedroom with pink accents

Cancers like pastels and cozy spaces. | KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images

The Cancer is the natural “homemaker” sign, so their space must be cozy, calming, and comfortable. They should choose items based on their emotional appeal and how they make them feel. The Cancer does well with whites, silver, lavender, and vintage pastels.

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Modern living room

Leos aren’t afraid to be bold. | vicnt/iStock/Getty Images

Bold and dramatic, the Leo wants their space to feel as royal as they do. Going for rich, cold colors like turquoise, deep red, and purple will help, and luxurious touches (think high quality fabrics like silk and velvet) allow the home to look stately, but also inviting.

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contemporary wood bathroom with plants

Earth tones and organization speak to Virgos. | dit26978/iStock/Getty Images

You won’t find a bigger perfectionist than the Virgo, so needless to say, they thrive when their homes are clean and organized. Shelves and storage are essential for their space, and as an earth sign, they should accessorize with fresh flowers and plants. And when it comes to colors, clean linen, white, navy, and taupe are usually best, with occasional pops of bright hues.

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bedroom interior with pillows and reading lamp

They appreciate luxurious furniture. | Kwanchai_Khammuean/iStock/Getty Images

The Libra tends to be deeply sensitive to their environment, so their home must feel balanced and harmonious. They should gravitate toward taupe, light gray, linen, and other medium to light tones. They also love the finer things in life, so classic furniture that will be around for decades (think investment pieces) usually suits them.

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bedroom in white color

Many Scorpios prefer the white on white look. | JZhuk/iStock/Getty Images

Mysterious Scorpio tends to go one of two ways when it comes to decor: Some prefer white on white with lots of texture, while others enjoy intense colors like crimson and black. They tend to spend a lot of time in the bedroom (both for sleeping and other activities), so soothing hues and high quality boudoir furniture are a must.

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International decor in bedroom with rug and candle

Sagittarius has a case of wanderlust. | kiboka/iStock/Getty Images

The Sag has an eclectic style combined with an intense case of wanderlust, so international accessories are a must. Moroccan carpets, Tibetan paintings, and bookshelves full of reads from all over the world will make them feel most at home. They also can’t feel boxed in, so creating an indoor garden or candles scented like outdoor elements will help them feel more settled.

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Capricorns are drawn to more traditional style. | iStock/Getty Images

Known for their enviable work ethic and big goals, the Capricorn will likely enjoy sticking to more traditional decorating themes, like heirloom pieces and colors like white, gray, navy, and hunter green. Less is more for the Capricorn–investing in a few timeless treasures beats following fleeting trends any day.

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Loft bedroom with a large mirror

They’re drawn to large airy spaces. | EloisaConti/iStock/ Getty Images Plus

The Aquarius is extremely unique, often going for a style that’s ahead of its time. As an air sign, they require roomy spaces with proper ventilation, sunlight, and plants. They shouldn’t shy away from bold colors like turquoise, electric blue, silver, and violet.

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Canoby bed in calming blue bedroom

Pisces appreciate calming blues and greens. | KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images

Whether the Pisces lives in a sprawling mansion or a compact apartment, quiet space for meditation and music is an absolute must. Even the social Pisces needs solitude to recharge, and they also tend to gravitate toward a connection to the ocean. Decorating with sea colors like aqua, lilac, and green go with their dreamy nature, and installing a zen fountain or aquarium can be calming.

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 Choose your own environment

furnished living room in newly constructed home

Pick the space that feels right for you. | hikesterson/iStock/Getty Images

When it comes to your decorating style, it’s just as much about how you feel as how things look. You might love the way your friends have decorated their space, but the same style might not be right for your own rooms. You should always feel at home when you’re there, which is why consulting astrology, the essence of who you are, isn’t a bad idea.

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