The 15 Weirdest Things You Never Knew You Could Buy at Costco

Costco is the second largest retail chain after Walmart, which is no small feat. With excellent customer service, a large selection of bulk products for cheap prices, and copious amounts of free sampling, Costco shoppers are fiercely devoted to the popular membership club.

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a Costco, then you already know that it’s easy to stock up on industrial-sized vats of ketchup and pallets of boxed macaroni and cheese. But did you know there are lots of lesser-known items that you can also score for a discount with your $60 annual Costco membership?

Ahead, discover all the weird things you never knew you could buy at Costco.

1. A coffin

Beige casket with lid open

It’s a fraction of the price. | Costco

It may be morbid, but most of us are going to need one someday. Coffins are more expensive than you may imagine — just blame it on the funeral industry taking advantage of people at their most vulnerable. Exotic wood coffins may cost as much as $10,000.

At Costco, you’ll pay just a fraction of that. A perfectly acceptable casket runs for less than $1,000. They also have a selection of urns if you choose to go that route.

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2. A year’s worth of emergency food

It’s enough to last for a year. | Costco

Doomsday prepping is big business, and while it seems a little silly to build an underground bunker in your backyard, keeping a stash of food on hand for whatever the world throws your way may be a wise decision.

Take the guesswork out of stocking up when you opt for the pre-made emergency food kit from Costco. It has enough food for you and your loved ones to enjoy 1,200 calories of grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy for one year, and the shelf life is 25 years (you know, in case the apocalypse doesn’t happen soon). It’s a bargain for just $999.

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3. Your next vacation

Disney Cruise Magic

From Disney cruises to jaunts across Europe, they have it all. | mizoula/iStock/Getty Images

Forget spending hours on all the discount travel websites to find the best deal on your next vacation — when it’s time to plan a trip, it’s Costco to the rescue.

Members just need to log into the Costco Travel site to find excellent deals on all kinds of exotic vacations, from Caribbean cruises to African safaris. Get the (discount) vacation of your dreams just by heading to Costco.

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4. Cars

View of red Subaru Forester, model year 017, driving down a city street at sunset

You really can get anything at Costco. | Subaru

Forget haggling. When you buy a car through Costco, you already know you’re getting a great deal. Customers love the stress-free process, which is why even though car sales overall declined in 2017, Costco alone moved more than half a million automobiles.

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5. Caviar

Costco caviar

If saving money on caviar is a thing you’re interested in. | Costco

They say that millionaires stay rich by never acting like they have a lot of money. So when you’re dining on caviar, there’s no need to splurge — simply head to your local Costco and stock up for less. This $600 tin of superior quality sturgeon caviar should last through at least one dinner party.

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6. Massage tables

Massage table costco

Massage tables are surprisingly affordable. | Costco

Looking to open your own massage business, or just want to treat your partner to an above-average rubdown? Massage tables at Costco are surprisingly affordable, with models starting under $200.

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7. Flowers

Costco Rose Petals

They also have wedding packages. | Costco

Florists overcharge, but gas station bouquets are pretty sad looking. For high-quality flowers offered at a low price, head to Costco and check out their gorgeous arrangements and bouquets for every occasion. You can even shop a selection of wedding bouquets or order rose petals for the ceremony — Costco offers 5,000 rose petals for a mere $69.

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8. Food delivery services

blue apron box

Get a discount with Costco. | Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Convenience comes at a price. Food delivery systems aren’t cheap, but they are helpful, which is what makes Blue Apron and Nutrisystem so popular for busy people.

But you may not know that you can get a discount on these brands by purchasing a gift card through Costco for your food delivery. If you were planning to purchase the meals anyway, getting a Costco membership basically pays for itself!

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9. Engagement rings

Costco engagement ring

This ring is a measly $220,000. | Costco

Nothing says, “I love you” quite like a ring from a big box retailer.

There are engagement rings at Costco that cost as much as a four bedroom single family home — but their retail value is higher than their cost, so that’s something.

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10. A swimming pool

Above ground pool costco

It’s a pretty good deal for a pool. | Costco

Have the best summer of your life with an above-ground swimming pool from Costco. While an inground pool might be out of your price range, the warehouse club version will only set you back a couple thousand dollars.

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11. Designer handbags

Prada costco bag

No one has to know you got your Prada from Costco. | Costco

These aren’t knockoffs — but they are less expensive than the name-brand handbags you’ll find in stores.

Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Burberry … a bare-bones warehouse may seem like a strange place to purchase a luxury handbag, but if you want to get a great deal, that’s exactly what you should do.

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12. Japanese Wagyu Roast

Wagyu boneless ribeye

The cost per pound is crazy, but it could be worth it. | Costco

Most people head to Costco for savings on meat. But others are looking for a little slice of luxury, and for them, there’s Japanese Wagyu Ribeye Roast.

It costs $100 per pound but fans claim that the exquisite taste is worth every penny. Each heavily marbled slab of beef is imported from Japan and prized for being one of the rarest, most coveted types of beef in the world. Save it for a special occasion — you know, like winning the lottery.

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13. A gym membership


Saving on gym membership is always a perk. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Costco shoppers enjoy discounted rates at gyms when you purchase through the store. Work out without wasting a ton of money — so you won’t feel as guilty when you bail out in a few months.

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14. Life insurance

family looking at photo album

They provide a 20% discount. | Image Source/iStock/Getty Images

Not many people head to Costco when they’re shopping for life insurance policies — but maybe they should. Protective, which was founded in 1907 and has been Costco’s exclusive provider since 2014, offers members a 20% discount on coverage plans.

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15. Mortgages

house for sale

People save an average of upward of $7,000 over the life of the loan. | Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Searching for a decent mortgage lender can be exhausting, and half the time homebuyers are left wondering if they could have gotten a better deal somewhere else. According to their website, mortgages through Costco’s exclusive partner saves members an average of $7,707 over the life of the loan.

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