The 8 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses of All Time

So many little girls dream of what kind of dress they’ll wear on their wedding day. They muse over satin and lace, but one thing few future brides tend to think about is how much that pretty dress will cost.

The wedding industry is rife with ridiculous pricing simply because people are willing to overspend on once-in-a-lifetime events like weddings. According to The Knot, the average price of a wedding gown in 2017 cost about $1,500. That’s a large chunk of change to drop on a dress you only plan to wear for one day of your life. Still, starry-eyed brides (or whoever is paying for the wedding) are plunking down their credit cards if it means they get to wear their dream dresses.

Designer wedding gowns cost way more than the national average. If you’ll only wear Vera Wang, then you can expect to spend anywhere from $7,500 to $23,000. A custom made wedding dress is even more expensive than that. Ahead, check out the most shockingly expensive wedding gowns of all time.

1. Princess Diana of Wales — $12,000

Princess Diana Wedding Dress

The wedding dress seen round the world. | AFP/Getty Images

When Lady Diana Spencer wed Prince Charles in 1981, the world was watching, and no one could take their eyes off her epic bridal gown. The ‘80s-approved frock featured a massive 25-foot train, hand embroidered detailing, poufy sleeves, and 10,000 individual pearls. And while $12,000 may not sound like much in comparison to some modern couture gowns, that amount adjusted for inflation ends up being more like $31,000.

And even though it’s technically the least expensive gown on the list, Princess Di’s dress is arguably the most iconic wedding dress of all time. The value of the dress today? Priceless.

2. Victoria Beckham — $100,000

Victoria Beckham Wedding Dress

Her stunning satin ballgown cost around $100,000. | David Beckham via Instagram

Former Spice Girl and uber-fashionista Victoria Beckham cares a lot about appearances, as evidenced by how much cash she was willing to drop on her wedding day. The custom-made Vera Wang silk ballgown that she wore for her July 4, 1999 wedding to soccer star David Beckham cost an estimated $100,000.

3. Melania Trump — $100,000

Melania and Donald Trump Wedding

The wedding cost $1 million. | Melania Trump via Twitter

Melania Knauss most likely had no idea that she’d become First Lady of the United States when she wed billionaire Donald Trump in a lavish 2005 ceremony. The entire event cost a cool $1 million, with the wedding dress eating up $100,000 of the budget. Her custom Dior gown came complete with a 13-foot train and 1,500 embroidered rhinestones and pearls. And it wasn’t light: apparently, the dress weighed a whopping 60 pounds.

4. Catherine Zeta-Jones — $140,000

Catherine-Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas Wedding-dress

She spent a pretty penny for her La Croix dress. | Catherine Zeta Jones via Instagram

The actress wed actor Michael Douglas in 2000 and spent $140,000 — the cost of a pretty nice single family home — on her wedding gown. The hand-beaded Christian La Croix dress looked extra elegant with a high neckline and fitted silhouette, but still, it seems a bit excessive for just one garment.

5. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge — $434,000

Kate Middleton Wedding

She created a huge wedding trend. | Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

Kate Middleton managed to singlehandedly bring long sleeved wedding gowns back in style after strapless dresses dominated the industry for years. That’s because she looked princess-perfect in her $434,000 custom-made dress on her April 29, 2011 wedding day. The stunning gown mixed delicate lace detailing with silk tulle fabric and featured a 9-foot train.

6. Amal Alamuddin — $380,000

Amal Clooney Wedding-dress

It was so beautiful, it’s now featured in a museum. | Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Lawyer Amal Alamuddin wasn’t exactly a household name before she snagged one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors. During her September 27, 2014 wedding to George Clooney, she donned a custom-made Oscar de la Renta dress that cost a reported $380,000.

7. Kim Kardashian — $400,000

Kim-Kardashian and Kanye wedding

She had to top her other two weddings. | Kim Kardashian via Instagram

Kim had the unique challenge of outdoing her previous two wedding dresses the third time around. For her 2014 wedding with Kanye West, she wore a figure-skimming lace sleeved dress with a gigantic train that was designed by Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy. The cost? Oh, just $400,000.

8. Angelababy – $1,000,000(?)

AngelaBaby Wedding dress

In what could be quite possibly the most expensive wedding ever. | Dior via Instragram

Chinese actress Angelababy wed oil tycoon Huang Xiaoming in 2015 in an over-the-top ceremony rumored to cost $31 million. And while there’s no exact figure on how much of that budget went towards the dress, it’s safe to assume that the custom Dior gown — which took five months to create — cost well into the seven figures.

The main wedding dress (there were three in total) was made from 115 feet of ivory satin organza and 165 feet of tulle. It had a ten-foot-long train and 100 hand cut rose bouquets made from intricate Chantilly lace.

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