The 7 Types of Party Guests Everyone Hates

Group of friends partying in a nightclub and toasting drinks

There’s always someone who puts a damper on a social situation. | jacoblund/iStock/Getty Images

The holiday season means different things to different people, but for most of us, it’s a time when the party invitations pile up. And while everyone loves getting together with friends, family and colleagues, there always seem to be a few guests who put a damper on things for one reason or another.

It goes without saying that a little etiquette is appropriate in social situations, but clearly some people simply miss that memo. Here are seven types of party guests that are wildly unpopular — if you’re one of them, consider this a wake-up call.

The one who can’t eat anything

There’s nothing wrong with being a vegan … or Paleo … or gluten free … or any other eating plan you choose. But informing the hosts beforehand or, at the very least, bringing some snacks to share¬†will keep you from being “that guest” who stands around looking sadly at everyone’s plates of food while loudly stating that they can’t eat anything there.

The alcoholic

glasses and shots with different colored cocktails

Don’t be the guest who can’t hold their alcohol. | Tsuguliev/iStock/Getty Images

It is, of course, perfectly fine to have a few adult beverages at a party … you’re even allowed to get a little tipsy, especially on an occasion such as New Year’s Eve. But there always seem to be a couple of guests who take things way too far and get sloppy drunk. Don’t be one of them.

The bragger

woman giving thumbs up

We get it — you’re awesome. | STUDIOGRANDOUEST/iStock/Getty Images

We get it. You love life, and you just got a promotion and bought your dream house and have more passport stamps than anyone else. Tone it down a little — no one likes a bragger.

The bore

man looking bored at woman

Make sure you have something to say. |

Maybe these people are a little socially awkward, or maybe they just don’t have enough adult conversations in their lives. But for whatever reason, all they want to talk about is how they slept, what they’re eating, or anything else that’s incredibly dull.

The Negative Nelly

woman rolling eyes at couple at party

Don’t bring down the celebration. | ElNariz/iStock/Getty Images

The Negative Nelly is the opposite of the bragger, but somehow just as annoying. Nothing ever goes right for them, and they’re determined to bring everyone else down.

The overstayer

guy sleeping on the couch

Don’t go from houseguest to roommate. |

For some reason, every party seems to have a guests that stays long after the party should be over. They’ll ignore all social cues and pour another drink as you do the dishes and yawn.

The pundit

Two friends talking at home

Don’t expect everyone to agree with your views. | AntonioGuillem/iStock/Getty Images

Unless you’re 100% certain everyone at a party agrees with you (and, to be honest, that’s extremely rare), you should never bring up politics at a party — but someone always does, and it’s always awkward. It’s just best to avoid anything controversial.

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