The Absolute Cutest Pictures of Christina El Moussa’s French Bulldog

Christina El Moussa may be known for her interior design and real estate know-how, but she’s also a proud dog mom. El Moussa and her family have a French bulldog named Cash who’s quite the character. He even has his own Instagram page. Read on for a look at some of the cutest photos of Cash.

1. Baby Cash with sister Taylor

This photo of El Moussa’s daughter, Taylor petting a baby Cash is just too cute. Cash is looking especially comfy and cozy on a fluffy grey bed that matches his coat nicely, and Taylor looks so happy to be petting her new friend.

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2. Sleepy Cash

French bulldogs aren’t exactly known for their energy and stamina, so El Moussa probably has plenty of pictures of Cash taking a much-needed snooze. This picture is especially adorable because he looks so conked out. His feet are stretched out in a truly relaxed ecstasy and his cute little tongue is sticking out.

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3. Proud mama

Christina El Moussa and her dog Cash

Christina El Moussa and her dog Cash | cashiethefrenchbulldog via Instagram

Of course Cash’s Instagram page features a few photos of him with his mom, El Moussa. In this photo, El Moussa is proudly holding Cash up to the camera and the two of them are looking their best. Well, Cash looks a little down, actually (but still cute!).

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4. The cutest #TBT

This “throwback Thursday” photo is almost too cute to handle. Here we see a 6-weeks-old Cash (again snoozing) on his mama’s legs. His little face and ears are so small and he looks so peaceful napping on El Moussa.

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5. Getting his nails done with Mom

Christina and Cash at the salon

Christina and Cash at the salon | cashiethefrenchbulldog via Instagram

Puppies need pampering, too! El Moussa is a fan of getting her nails done, and, these days, where mom goes Cash goes. In this picture El Moussa looks perfectly happy to be getting her toes done with Cash (on a towel) on her lap.

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6. Making a snack of the remote

Frenchies are lovable, alien-looking cuties, but they’re known for causing some mischief (it’s part of their charm). Here we see Cash causing a bit of mischief by making a snack of the remote. The remote’s fully in his mouth, the whole top portion is broken off, and the bottom is covered in chew marks.

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7. Stop and smell the daisies

It’s important to slow down from time to time and appreciate the natural beauty that’s all around you. As a French bulldog, taking things slow and steady comes naturally to Cash. In this photo, we see him on a walk stopping to smell the daisies.

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