The Best (And Worst) Food at Baseball Stadiums in America

Baseball stadiums aren’t known for their gourmet food. After all, people are there to watch the game. But now people can have delicious, nearly gourmet food, at a baseball stadium. Discover which baseball stadiums serve the best food, ahead.

Best: AT&T Park

Container of fresh fried french fries with ketchup and white sauce on wooden table.

A container of fresh French fries |

Gilroy Garlic Fries are the dish to get at AT&T Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants, according to Esquire. The fries, loaded with minced garlic and parsley, are “worth the terrible breath you’ll be wafting across the stands.”

Hint: This tastes artificial, according to a taste tester.

Worst: Oriole Park

Waffle Fries

Waffle fries |

The Baltimore Orioles serve Chesapeake Waffle Fries at their stadium, which are waffle fries topped with crab dip, according to Forbes. “If you’re going to serve crab it should taste like crab,” Michael Blaustein, of the New York Post said during a taste test of ballpark eats.

Hint: Get a unique dessert at this stadium.

Best: Rate Field

A Choco Kebab from Rate Field

A Choco Kebab from Rate Field | Darren Rovell via Twitter

Instead of the traditional ice cream cone, try a shaved Choco Kebab if you’re at a White Sox game, suggests Food & Wine. Shaved chocolate is served in a pancake. You’ll forget all about the game and be busy getting seconds.

Hint: Get ready to eat bugs.

Worst: Safeco Field

Safeco Field Retractable Roof

Safeco Field | SeaStock/Getty Images

Safeco Field in Seattle serves not toasted peanuts or pecans, but toasted grasshoppers. They’re dusted with chili lime salt, according to Sports Illustrated. The stadium’s sold out of toasted grasshoppers on multiple occasions and has had to cap sales to 312 grasshoppers per person.

Hint: Try this barbecue staple at the ballpark then make it at home.

Best: Kauffman Stadium

Sliced smoked brisket

Sliced and smoked brisket ends |

Visit Kansas City and go to a baseball game just so you can try Burnt Ends from Sweet Baby Ray’s, according to Esquire. The Burnt Ends are messy but after one bite you won’t care. The best part is that the recipe is on Sweet Baby Ray’s website so you can make them at home.

Hint: Corn is served with this classic junk food.

Worst: Dodger Stadium

Eater LA Facebook post about the Cheeto-Elote

Eater LA Facebook post about the Cheeto-Elote | Eater LA via Facebook 

Dodger Stadium serves their version of Mexican street corn, the Cheeto-Elote. It scored lowest on Blaustein’s taste test. It’s grilled corn covered in Cheetos. “I don’t want to eat it and I don’t want to remember it,” he said. “It was terrible.” Take his advice and skip the Cheeto-Elote if you’re at a Dodgers game.

Hint: Get an even bigger version of this stadium’s popular dessert.

Best: Chase Field

Arizona Diamondbacks via Twitter

A tweet about the Chase Field churro | Arizona Diamondbacks via Twitter

Chase Field’s churro (pictured above) became so popular, the stadium released a different varation called the “Churro 2.0,” according to the Diamondbacks’ Twitter. A churro is rolled Oreo crumbs and served in a donut along with vanilla frozen yogurt, and toppings, according to Esquire.

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