This Is the Best Dog Breed for You, Based on Your Personality

Think you’ve found your ultimate canine match? Maybe so, or perhaps you’re still searching. Narrowing down the perfect furry co-pilot for your lifestyle takes time. But if you’re willing to do the research, you’ll end up with the dog that’s right for you.

Luckily, there’s a wide variety of breeds that make stellar companions for lots of types of folks. For instance, most of us know that golden retrievers will get along with just about anyone, and that labs are perfect for those who like to stay active while still having a loving companion by their side. So, we wanted to cover some breeds you may not have expected to match certain personality types. Who knows, you just may be inspired to get one of your own.

1. For the eccentric: Afghan hound

afghan hound walking outside
Misunderstood? The afghan hound knows exactly how you feel. | Raywoo/Getty Images

An eccentric person is a little unconventional and sometimes misunderstood by others. While some may view them as a bit odd, they know who they are, and they go with it. Perhaps their appearance goes against societal norms or their personality isn’t what one would expect. If this sound like you, then the Afghan hound may be your next best partner in crime.

The AKC describes the breed as one of charming contradictions. “Beneath the glamorous exterior is a powerful, agile hound — standing as high as 27 inches at the shoulder — built for a long day’s hunt,” the AKC writes. If you’re often misunderstood, an Afghan hound will be able to relate.

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2. For the born protector: Rhodesian ridgeback

dog rhodesian ridgeback puppy
Rhodesian ridgebacks are bred to protect their families. |

Some people are natural-born protectors. They’re relentless in making sure their loved ones are always safe, which is exactly what the Rhodesian ridgeback does. According to the American Kennel Club, “A large and muscular dog, the Rhodesian ridgeback was not only developed as a hunter but also as a family protector.” And protect their families they will — just make sure you’re not the stranger who gets in the way of their job.

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3. For the person who hates doing house chores: Peruvian Inca orchid

Vacuum Cleaner in Living Room
You’ll never have to worry about vacuuming more often than you already do. |

Seeing as the Peruvian Inca orchid is a hairless breed, it’s the ideal companion for anyone who loathes the simple yet often annoying house chore of vacuuming. These dogs are perfect for those with allergies, as well as self-proclaimed neat freaks. But don’t worry, Peruvian Inca orchids are still affectionate, and of course, very well-mannered around the house. No torn furniture for you.

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4. For the rule-follower: German shepherd

Young woman hugging and kissing German Shepherd
German shepherds know what they need to get done, but they also have an undying love for their owners. | ChristinLola/Getty Images

There are some people in this world who won’t even jay walk. And that’s great, because if we’re being honest, the world could probably use a few more of their kind. Luckily, there’s a perfect dog to match. Regarded as an indispensable member of police departments, German shepherds are quick to answer the call of duty as soon as it’s asked of them. They’ll do as they’re told and are eager to please the human in charge of the task at hand.

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5. For the diva: Shih tzu

Little beauty shih-tzu dog at the groomer's hand
Shi tzus can’t get enough of being pampered. | Tailex/Getty Images

One look at a shih tzu, and you know just how much maintenance they demand. Certainly, their love of being pampered shows. If you identify with this kind of diva-like mentality, then a shih tzu is for you. You can brush your hair together for hours on end, and you’ll both be happy campers.

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6. For the fearless: Doberman pinscher

doberman dog outdoors
Doberman pinschers aren’t scared of much. |

As a dog that’s easily trained, the Doberman pinscher is known for being alert, fearless, and loyal. Thanks to these desirable traits, he’s in high demand as a police and war dog. For those who don’t scare easily, the Doberman pinscher could be your next best thrill-seeking partner.

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7. For the even-keeled: Pug

Cute dog puppy Pug sleep by chin and tongue lay on Floor and look to the left for see or wait someone
Pugs don’t require too much managing when it comes to their temperament. |

There’s no mistaking the pug for another breed in the toy dog category. That wrinkly face and those short, stumpy legs are traits most commonly associated with the breed. Additionally, pugs are well-known for being even-tempered. But don’t worry, they’re still big on showing their love to their owner.

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8. For the person who’s wary of others: Rottweiler

A Rottweiler competes in the Westminster Dog Show on February 11, 2014 in New York City. The annual dog show has been showcasing the best dogs from around world for the last two days in New York. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
It takes a rottie a while to get to know someone. | Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Not a huge fan of meeting new folks? Neither is the rottweiler. While these guys are super protective and loyal to their owners, they’re not too quick to introduce themselves to those they don’t know. Because they keep their guard up with strangers, humans who do the same might gravitate toward this breed. However, once they do get to know someone, they’ll stick by their side forever.

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9. For the profoundly loyal: Akita

Four puppies of Japanese akita-inu breed dog
An akita won’t be quick to turn on you. |

You know those people who would do anything for their friends? The folks who have an undying loyalty for those who’ve earned it? The akita is the canine version of those humans. Akitas are courageous, pretty low-key, and profoundly loyal to their owners. An akita will stick by you the exact same way you would for anyone you know and love.

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10. For the lazy lounger: Basset hound

Dog Basset hound
We’d love to be lazy with this guy, too. |

We know hounds are impeccable at sniffing things out, but there’s another trait that the basset hound, in particular, possesses. For those who absolutely love to get cozy on the couch and lounge the day away, the basset hound’s affinity for doing the exact same thing will suit you well.

While they’re hard workers out in the field, they’re perfectly happy sitting around the house with their human companions, too. The basset hound is low-key, extremely patient, and often lazy, which makes loving on those irresistible ears all too easy.

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11. For the deeply devoted: Soft-coated wheaten terrier

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Wheaten terriers are an ideal mate for someone who’s truly looking for a best friend. |

If you’ve ever known a wheaten terrier, you’ve witnessed how great they are at fulfilling the role of man’s best friend. Described as exuberant and fun-loving, the wheaten terrier isn’t shy about showing his love whenever his owner enters the room. He is deeply devoted, and if you’re the kind of person who shows your friends that same kind of devotion, the two of you will likely make the perfect match. In fact, these dogs have a hard time containing their enthusiasm for the ones they love. Their energetic jumps have even earned the term, the Wheaten Greeting. How cute is that?

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12. For the water-lover: Portuguese water dog

Portuguese water dog
With a waterproof coat and rudder-like tail, there’s no stopping the Portuguese Water Dog. | Wikimedia Commons

While it’s right there in the name, the Portuguese water dog really is the ideal breed for anyone with an affinity for the water. With a waterproof coat and a tail that serves as a rudder when needed, this dog is bred for all-day swimming adventures. According to the AKC, “The PWD is an ‘A’ student: Affectionate, athletic, and adventurous.” There’s no doubt the Portuguese water dog will keep up with you both on land and in water.

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13. For the happy-go-lucky individual: Coton de tulear

Coton de Tulear dog
Coton de tulears often ooze happiness. |

These are happy little fellas who were born to love and to be loved. And their appearance perfectly matches their charming personalities. As the AKC humorously writes, “If you don’t smile at the sight of a Coton’s sweetly expressive face, check your pulse — you might be dead.” So if you’re known for your perky personality, this could be the perfect pup for you.

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14. For the person who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else: Poodle

White poodle dog on green grass field
Some poodles do put off a better-than-you attitude. |

Don’t get us wrong, we like poodles. But given their signature qualities, their intelligence and pride can sometimes come off as a bit snooty. However, this breed can often be misunderstood. So, maybe you’re not as arrogant as people assume you are. You’re just really, really smart — and proud of it.

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15. For the burly who love to work outside: Bernese mountain dog

Bernese mountain dog
Bernese mountain dogs want to work and please their owners while doing so. | Josianefarand/Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, Berners love being outside. They’re built for the outdoors and thrive in harsh weather conditions, to boot. If you’re someone who also enjoys burly winters and living in the mountains, you need to get yourself a Bernese mountain dog right now.

Besides being totally fluffy and undeniably affectionate, these guys know when it’s time to go to work, and they’re not afraid to get their paws dirty. Bernese mountain dogs are eager to please, and they’ll stay right by your side to get the job done as equal partners.

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