The Best Fast Food Dishes You Must Travel Outside the U.S. to Try

We like to think of fast food as a uniquely American tradition. But as the following items prove, other countries can often improve on what the U.S. invented. Grab a snack before you check out these mouthwatering fast food items only available outside our borders. We’re packing our bags for these burgers, already (page 7).

1. KFC serves only dark meat in Japan

Bucket of KFC chicken

KFC | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In Japan, KFC serves mostly dark meat chicken, since Japanese don’t generally like white meat. It also offers teriyaki and pepper mayo flavors, for extra kick. Since Japanese cuisine features a lot more rice than the American diet, white rice comes as a popular side dish instead of mashed potatoes. The biscuits also look like donuts, for reasons unknown.

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2. In the UAE, unhinge your jaw for a McDonald’s Mega Mac

Mega Mac | McDonald’s UAE

If you travel to the United Arab Emirates, you can enjoy the biggest fast food burger known to man. McDonald’s serves up a heart-stopper special in the Mega Mac, featuring four beef patties, three buns, and of course, that special sauce. We hope you have a strong jaw. With 38 grams of of fat, you better have a good workout routine, too.

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3. Grab a Green Tea Blizzard at Dairy Queen in Cambodia

Green tea almond blizzard

Green tea almond blizzard | Dairy Queen Cambodia

We all love a good, candy-studded Dairy Queen Blizzard. Maybe Oreo makes your heart flutter, or a Heath makes you happiest. In parts of Asia, you can order up a slightly healthier green tea and almond Blizzard. Green teas antioxidant properties don’t quite cancel out all that sugar. But hey, we can dream.

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4. Macaroni and cheese goes on pizza in Germany

Mac and cheese pizza

Mac n’cheese pizza | Pizza Hut Germany

In the United States, we order Pizza Hut for that signature grease-soaked, almost caramelized bottom crust. But in Germany, the toppings really take it to the next level. There, you can order a Mac n’ Cheese pizza with ziti noodles, cheese sauce, and fresh mushrooms, all on that signature pan crust. Carb-lovers, who said you had to choose?

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5. Get bacon cheese bites at Burger King in the U.K.

Bacon cheese bites

Bacon cheese bites | Burger King UK

God save the queen, and these awesome Burger King sides served in the United Kingdom. Here in the U.S., you have your choice of fries, onion rings, or hash browns. But at the U.K. Burger King, bacon cheese bites and Emmetal bites (with a creamy cheese), mozzarella sticks, and chili cheese bites all make an appearance. Suddenly, independence doesn’t sound like such a hot idea, after all.

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6. At Indian Subway, vegetarian toppings abound

Aloo Patty

Aloo Patty | Subway India

In the U.S., vegetarians get kind of a raw deal at Subway — literally. But in India, where a large segment of the population follows a vegetarian diet, they have a ton more variety. Customers can choose from the potato-based aloo patty, chickpea chatpata chana, the zesty spinach hara bhara kebab, and many more. In India, we’d rather order vegetarian than the sad, processed meat slices at stateside Subway. Can you blame us?

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7. Wendy’s in Japan serves some seriously stellar burgers

Wendy’s makes a big deal out of its fresh, never-frozen beef but in Japan, that beef really takes it up a notch. There, customers can get a burger made of premium Wagyu beef topped with Kurobuta pork. For non-beef eaters, a shrimp katsu, with what looks like shrimp sticking out of a fried patty, tempts the taste buds.

And at Wendy’s in Japan, an entire pasta menu joins the burger side, for a true taste sensation. Once and for all, we’ve proved American superiority really doesn’t exist.

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