6 of the Best Wellness Destinations in the World

Think back to your last vacation. How long did it take you to truly settle in and relax? How many plates of poolside nachos did you consume, convincing yourself that it’s okay because you’re on vacation? Not only do your eating habits lag on vacation, but that workout routine you struggled to get into will be lost as well. It’s no wonder so many people leave vacation feeling bloated and fat, dreading the return to normal life.

What if your vacation helped you shed the pounds rather than packing them on? What if your day was dedicated to bettering yourself rather than getting the perfect tan? These wellness vacations exist and their goal is to help you shed bad habits, drop excess weight, learn something new, and find total relaxation. Wellness retreats are not just for women or New Age types; these are programs that work with men like you to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

1. Ananda Spa

Source: Ananda

Ananda Spa | Ananda

This wellness spa pulls you away from the bustle of daily life and into the tranquility of India’s Himalayan Mountains. The goal of the retreat is to look deeper to restore and discover the union of body, mind, and soul. This top-notch destination spa is located on an expansive estate with a private spa, jogging track, and pool. The spa utilizes traditional Ayurveda practices, which guide their philosophy on meditation, healing, and yoga. Golf and personal training is available, and their selection of wellness packages includes two detox options, weight management, stress management, and an active package that pairs hiking with spa treatments.

2. Mountain Trek

Source: Mountain Trek

Going for a snowy hike | Mountain Trek

With retreats in Nelson, British Columbia and Baja, Mexico, these week-long programs will land you in the serenity of the mountains, where you can escape your busy lifestyle and reconnect with yourself and nature. They guarantee weight loss, and their program — which is heavy on hiking — promises to reset your sleep timetable, establish healthy eating habits, and release built-up toxins. You won’t starve with their portion-controlled meals, but the amazing cooking (which has rave reviews) will leave you wanting to incorporate the healthy recipes at home. Men typically lose eight to 10 pounds a week at Mountain Trek and experience improved cardiovascular fitness, vitality, and energy.

3. COMO Shambhala Estate

This wellness spa gets you off the beaten path on the tranquil island of Bali. At this destination you’ll have access to daily yoga, an Ayurvedic doctor, a dietician, and copious amounts of relaxation. Available onsite is a state-of-the-art gym, anti-aging treatments, massage, and easy access to hiking and climbing. The holistic approach of this health destination will inspire you to embrace health and fitness changes for life.

4. Kalon Surf School

Source: Kalon Surf

Lodging at Kalon Surf School | Kalon Surf

Every level of surfer will love this wellness destination. The retreat is located in Costa Rica and offers all-inclusive, week-long packages that include housing, airport transfers, personalized surf coaching, massage, Pilates, and gourmet meals that are focused on fresh, healthy ingredients. Reset your lifestyle and improve your surfing skills at this boutique surf resort where you’ll find adventure and relaxation.

5. Canyon Ranch

Located in Tucson, Ariz., this resort assists its guests in achieving true health and vitality. The property offers more than 40 different fitness activities, keeping you engaged in anything from squash to underwater treadmills. This wellness destination is perfect for the fitness lover and once the day’s activities come to an end, find relaxation at the ranch’s 80,000-square-foot spa, where you can work with nutritionists and health coaches.

6. Red Mountain Resort

Source: Red Mountain Resort

Going kayaking | Red Mountain Resort

This outdoor-focused destination in Utah provides hiking in the area’s red rock hills, group fitness classes, and private training sessions. The property offers several health and wellness packages including the Weekend Warrior, which gives you a jump-start on your health and fitness routine as you work one-on-one with fitness professionals to make an exercise plan that fits your lifestyle. The resort also provides a week-long weight-loss ad healthy living package that offers mental, emotional, physical, and nutritional guidance for the property’s team of health professionals.

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