The Biggest Blunders Ever Among Fast Food Restaurants in America

Fast food restaurants span the country, occupying street corners and strip malls. Couples even tie the knot in them. But these restaurants don’t always get it right. See which fast food chains’ menu items did so poorly they were removed and which ones experienced public relations disasters. One iconic U.S. restaurant closed down due to a disgusting outbreak (page 9).

1. Golden Corral: improper storage

Green recycling dumpsters against a brick wall

Want a side of trash with your burger? | Sliveoak/iStock/Getty Images

A Golden Corral employee filmed a video of a Florida location storing raw meat in the same area as the dumpster. Supposedly he did it to prepare for an inspection. The employee posted the video and it went viral.

The owner of the Golden Corral released a statement saying the food placed near the dumpster was not intended for human consumption, according to the Huffington Post. But if it’s not intended for people, then what is it for?

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