The Biggest Food Product Name Fails of All Time

The food industry is a massive beast. Between million-dollar marketing campaigns and consistently giving customers what they want, it’s clear to see why companies rely so heavily on their branding teams. But unfortunately, there are plenty of products that totally miss the mark, like the seven foods that we’ve listed below, for example.

So, are you ready to take a gander at the biggest food product name fails of all time? Well then, let’s get to it, because these products are far too funny, offensive, and all-out-disgusting not to be shared.

1. Child Shredded Meat

Child Shredded Meat

This is unfortunate. | Only in Asia via Twitter

You really have to see this one to believe it. Is it actually a “Delicious Classic” as the label suggests? Judging by the name, we’re not so sure. But of course there is a plausible explanation for this, so don’t you fret.

According to Reddit user steamedcat, the name of this Chinese baby food translates to “nutritious pulled pork for children.” But obviously, the literal translation didn’t quite make its way onto the product, which clearly reads “Child Shredded meat.”

2. Only Puke chips

Homemade Fatty Pork Rinds

They’re apparently kind of like bad pork rinds. | bhofack2/iStock/Getty Images

Chips with “puke” in the name should never, ever be a thing. But lucky for us — at least for the sake of this article — they are. These Only Puke chips are Chinese-made honey bean chips. So, if you can get past the name, they may be worth a try.

3. The Jew’s Ear Juice


It’s named after the mushroom it comes from. | Michael Saechang via Flicker

With a name like that, it’s no wonder why The Jew’s Ear Juice caused quite the stir. Following the drink’s widespread success in China, the Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai expressed concern, as the product could come off as rather offensive. However, there’s a reason behind it all.

According to one Chinese website, “The drink is made of a black mushroom which does resemble a wrinkled ear.” And as far as being offensive goes, the name of the drink was never meant to be anything but a compliment. Apparently, it “was not a case of anti-Semitism, as Judaism is considered in China a synonym of success.”

It looks like the product achieved just that in profit.

4. Urinal Hot Drink

Urinal Hot Drink tea

This is not appealing in the slightest. | Amazon UK

The product has a worthy cause — to help individuals maintain a healthy urinary tract. But the Urinal Hot Drink falls short in its effort to stay off of this list. Simply put, the name couldn’t possibly be safe from any school-aged boy or full-fledged man alike.

5. Cream Collon

Cream Collon

These don’t sound appetizing. | rumpleteaser via Flickr

Despite the fact that its name is Cream Collon rather than Cream Colon, it’s still funny, because that’s how most of us read it. So, what is this seemingly not-so-tasty treat? It’s a small, cream-filled biscuit. While we’re not sure about how it tastes, we’re sure about one thing: There’s no doubt that it’s been the butt of one too many jokes told on the playground.

6. Pet Sweat

Pet sweat energy drink

It’s an energy drink … for dogs …| Jackson Boyle via Flicker

Yes, there’s an energy drink for dogs. It’s called Pet Sweat, which isn’t exactly what it sounds like. Fortunately, it’s not made from a pet’s perspiration. It’s still pretty gimmicky, though. The product suggests that pets need a healthier solution to the basic water they’ve been drinking for centuries.

But hey, who are we to judge? (Except for the only question that really matters here: Do dogs need an energy boost in the first place? It’s not like they’ve been working at a desk all day.)

7. Pee Cola

Thirsty? Well, this may be the drink for you. Judging by the way most folks read it, Pee Cola will inevitably make you have to use the restroom shortly after you’ve finished sipping on it. And oddly enough, the soda is from Ghana, whose official language is, in fact, English. Go figure.

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