The Biggest Master Bath Design Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Storage is vital in a master bath. | iStock/Getty Images

Though the master bath doesn’t seem like it should be one of the more important rooms in your home when it comes to decor and design, it most definitely is. Think about how much time you spend getting ready everyday. You want to create a space that’s tranquil yet creative, relaxing yet stimulating. Read on to find out the biggest mistakes people often make when designing their master bath, and how you can avoid them.

1. Lack of storage

Wanting a guest bathroom that feels minimal and uncrowded is one thing, but in you master bath, you’re always going to wish you had more storage. For example, pedestal sinks are beautiful– they’re elegant and slimming, but you’re going to wish you had the cabinet space beneath probably within the first week of installing it. If you’re looking for more storage in your master bath, How Stuff Works advises you “add cabinets, put in shelves, make good use of the walls (for towel racks) and don’t forget to add solid doors complete with sturdy hanging hooks.”

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2. Not committing to a style

Commit to one theme not several. | iStock/Getty Images

Especially in your master bath, you want a place that’s relaxing, mature, and put together. Put in the money and effort to commit to a style and a theme. “Although it’s true you can’t switch up tiles like you would toss cushions, nothing is really forever, so let your creativity flow and go for the colors, patterns, and fixtures that add character and interest to your bath,” offers My Domaine.  

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3. Thinking you’ll be under budget

bathroom landscape
A beautiful bathroom will likely be costly. | iStock/Getty Images

It’s easy to think your bathroom will be one of the cheaper rooms in the house to design, but think again. Almost always, people go over budget when it comes to renovating or designing their bathroom. “Unforeseen issues with mold, dry rot, electrical service, antiquated plumbing and insufficient water pressure can blast a hole in your budget and leave you with a gaping void where your new shower was supposed to be,” warns How Stuff Works. Always give yourself a little extra padding when it comes to bathroom work.   

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4. Tiny bathrooms

Tiny bathroom
Space is essential in a bathroom. | EhPoint/iStock/Getty Images

Tiny bathrooms are cute and sometimes necessary if you’re working with an already small space, but if you have the option, always opt for a little bigger than you think you need. You want enough room to move around, relax, and get ready in. Remember, when it comes to the bathroom, more is definitely more.   

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5. Decorating with the wrong materials

contemporary wood bathroom with plants
You have to use the correct materials. | dit26978/Getty Images

Some materials just aren’t cut out for the bathroom. Things like wood, textiles, paper, and porous stone can’t take the constant changes between hot and steamy and cold. When choosing surfaces for your bathroom, it’s best to look at materials that are specifically made for a bathroom’s unique climate.  

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6. Bad lighting

Beautiful master bathroom with shower
Make sure the lighting is good enough to see up close. | Hikesterson/iStock/Getty Images

You want your master bath to feel relaxing and tranquil, but you also want enough light to do your makeup or shave in the morning. If you want a soft lighting option overhead, do that but then be sure to install bathroom-rated lights over your sink and near your tub or shower.

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7. When your bathroom doesn’t match the rest of the house

Make sure your bathroom flows with the rest of your home. | iStock/Getty Images

Your bathroom is not a separate entity, it’s still a part of the rest of your home. If your house has an especially modern feel to it, don’t decorate your master bath like an ancient Roman bath house. At the very least, at least make sure your design is cohesive with that of your master bedroom’s.

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8. Poor ventilation

Make sure your bathroom stays good as new. | iStock/Getty Images

So many bathrooms nowadays don’t include ventilation fans. Ventilation is so important in a bathroom. Whether you’re remodeling your master bath or starting from scratch, be sure to install a fan as well as a good-sized window you can open to help air things out. “Humidity trapped in a small space like a bathroom will eventually begin to rust metal, like the hinges on your doors and cabinets, unless you have a consistent method for venting excess moisture,” warns How Stuff Works. “It can also cause mold and mildew problems.”

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9. To play it safe, get trendy with your accessories

Pick trendy accessories rather than surfaces you can’t change. | iStock/Getty Images

If you’re wary about really committing to a theme in your bathroom, choose pretty versatile surfaces and just get trendy with your accessories. You can always change out towels, trash cans, shower curtains, and window dressing. There’s no harm in regularly changing up anything that you can easily remove without a wrench, screwdriver, or sledgehammer.   

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10. Not leaving enough room to get in the shower

Small modern bathroom
Make sure to measure the door so you don’t have to squeeze in. | ttatty/iStock/Getty Images

This is a rookie bathroom design mistake. Usually, it happens because of poor planning. As with any renovation or initial building, take close measurement and pay attention to where you put things. You’d be surprised how many people don’t give themselves enough room to comfortably get in and out of their shower.

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11. Failing to be realistic with the size of you bathroom

Small bathroom
Know what will and will not fit. | KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images

If you do have to end up with a master bath that’s on the small side, you have to be realistic about what you can and can’t fit. If you have a small bathroom, chances are you just won’t be able to fit that big claw-foot bathtub of your dreams. “We encourage clients to evaluate their priorities, be prepared to give up one of these wish-list items, and plan accordingly,” says My Domaine about working with clients to create their ideal master bath, while still remaining realistic.

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12. Decorating without water conservation in mind

Consider a low-flow shower head. | iStock/Getty Images

Water conservation is becoming a bigger and bigger deal in the U.S. It doesn’t hurt to be proactive and design a bathroom that’s water conservation-friendly. Typically, low water-use items also save money in the long run as well. “While you’re exploring the design options for your new bathroom, consider a gray water system, too,” How Stuff Works suggests. “These mini water reclamation stations reuse water from other areas of your home in places like your toilet where fresh, sparkling clean water isn’t essential.”

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13. Choosing the same material for every surface of your bathroom

All marble everything might be overwhelming. | iStock/Getty Images

There’s something to be said for wanting a cohesive design in your master bath. Having every surface in your bathroom made of the same material can feel clean and like you have a bigger space. However, specific areas often need specific materials. Be sure to do your research concerning what sort of materials belong in the tub as opposed to the sink, the floor as opposed to the walls, etc.

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14. Not striving for balance

Blue bathroom
The bathroom isn’t the place to go bold. | Katarzyna Bialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images

My Domaine suggests that the bathroom isn’t the place to go bold. Instead, strive for balance. Choose calming colors, a cohesive design, and include statement pieces sparingly. “When it comes to choosing sinks, toilets, tubs, and faucets, don’t shy away from the more interesting selections, but counteract their intense nature with more-calming pieces,” they advise.  

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15. Taking it too seriously

Scandinavian bathroom
Create the space of your dreams. | EloisaConti/iStock/Getty Images

Lastly, don’t get so bogged down in the practical issues that come along with designing a bathroom that you don’t enjoy creating the master bath of your dreams. “This space is an integral part of your home, so have some fun and let it be another opportunity to show off your tastes and aesthetic,” offers My Domaine.

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