The Bizarre Things These Dogs Did Will Make Your Pups Seem Totally Normal

Every pet owner will tell you there’s really no such thing as a “normal” dog. Whether your pup is easygoing or high maintenance, he’s bound to have some quirks and tendencies that are a little odd.

But some dogs take their weirdness to a whole new level. From their bizarre dining preferences to canned food thieves, these stories prove dogs are just as weird as people.

Dog or squirrel?

Squirrel holds a Nut
One dog behaved more like a squirrel. | Suefeldberg/iStock/Getty Images

Rosie, a rescue hound in Westport, Connecticut, seems to identify more as a squirrel. Her owner, Jacquie Miles, says Rosie loves to snack on the thousands of acorns that line their yard. She apparently crunches on them “like they’re popcorn.”

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The canned food stealer

Beautiful labrador retriever dog in the park,
A Lab would steal dog food from his neighbor. | sanjagrujic/iStock/Getty Images

Carla Levy’s childhood dog, a Lab named Hoover, had a tendency to break into the neighbors’ garage and steal canned dog food from their stash. He’d return to his home with a can in his mouth, hoping his family would open it for him.

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The backpack-destroyer

Basset hound
One basset hound actually did ruin a girl’s homework. | coja1108/iStock/Getty Images

Annie Elliott’s basset hound once ruined a little girl’s day by sneaking out of the house, running across the street, and promptly peeing on her backpack while she waited for the bus.

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The lipstick diet?

Deutsche Dogge blauen Farbschlages auf einer Wiese
A Great Dane had a taste for lipstick. | RalfWeigel/iStock/Getty Images

Eric Schnetzer arrived home one day to discover his Great Dane had eaten a full tube of lipstick. She also dragged the lipstick over the carpet and her feet, even getting some on a door. Apparently, Schnetzer’s carpet is still pink.

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The disappearing dog

Puppy hiding under a cabinet
One dog really knew how to hide. | Hidako/iStock/Getty Images

Liz Rossetti has a Brittany spaniel that curls up in impossibly tiny places when she’s scared. When she disappeared during a thunderstorm one night, her family feared the worst. They found her hours later, tightly wedged behind the toilet. It took them a long time to get her free.

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Accident in the Nike store

Astroturf confused this dog. |  Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Sarah Scott’s dog, Georgia, apparently can’t tell the difference between astroturf and grass. When Scott and Georgia were browsing the running section at Nike, the pup decided to relieve herself in the middle of the store.

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Rocks as snacks

Bright sun painted on pebble with stones background
Rocks don’t make a great snack. | Ekaterina79/Getty Images

When a 6-month-old Lab stopped eating his food, his owners took him to the vet. An X-ray revealed the pup’s belly was full of his new favorite snack: rocks. He’d been hanging out near a fish pond and munching on the rocks he found there. $1,500 in medical bills later, the rocks were removed.

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Roadkill is tasty

Woman driving a car on a rural road through the mountains
This dog should not have been eating roadkill. |

Erin Michelle’s old dog, Dixie, used to make a habit of going out and eating roadkill. Michelle lives out in the country, so this was a common occurrence. Once, Dixie ate a deer, which she proceeded to puke up (identifiable body parts and all) all over Michelle’s bed.

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The tram-rider

dog in car
One dog commuted with his friend. | Matthias Rietschel/Getty Images

Trevor Warlan used to live in Southhampton, England, in the 1940s, where he lived with his parents and their dog, Rex. One day, his mother got on the tram and realized Rex was sitting by the driver with a playmate, a pup named Mickey.

The conductor asked if they were her dogs, and Warlan’s mother answered that one of them was. The conductor told her the two dogs got on the tram at the same time every day, rode to the recreation ground alongside the river, played for awhile, and took another tram home.

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A stolen pancake, a fire, and a nap

Golden Retriever sleeping
A naughty golden retriever started a fire. |

A dog in Southwick, Massachusetts, made headlines recently for a very destructive afternoon. The three minute video from the home security system showed the golden retriever pulling a plate off the stove and eating a leftover pancake. In the process, the dog switched on the button on the gas stove. The golden promptly laid down for a nap, waking when the fire alarm started going off and the fire department arrived to put out the minor blaze.

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The ‘Easter egg hunt’

Cute rabbit sitting on marble surface
These dogs came up with an “Easter egg hunt” of their own. | artemisphoto/iStock/Getty Images

Once upon a time, there were two dogs who decided to celebrate Easter early. They discovered that a few rabbits had moved into the yard, but instead of going on a bunny hunt, they went on a search for something else: the rabbit droppings. Apparently the rabbit poop was irresistible, because the “Easter egg hunt” went on for awhile before their owners figured out what was going on.

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The paintball-eater

paintballs and mask
This could not have been healthy. | aperfection/iStock/Getty Images

Sarah’s pit bill once ate half a box of her roommate’s paintballs (about 500). The dog’s poop was fluorescent orange for over a week.

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Why did it have to be the bathroom trash?

puppy exploring a garbage can
Keep your trash out of paws’ reach. |

Like most canines, Sarah Mota’s dog liked to dig through the trash, and this particular pup preferred the bathroom garbage. One night, she dragged Mota’s dirty tampons all through the house — while she had company over, naturally.

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The false alarm

red exercise ball
This dog was not a fan of a big, red intruder. | MAEK123/iStock/Getty Images

Early one morning, an entire family was awakened by the sound of their dog barking like crazy outside. They all rushed out in a panic since they’d never heard the pup bark that way before. They found him freaking out about a big red exercise ball that had rolled into their yard. Even when the ball was removed, the dog was inconsolable for the rest of the day.

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The all-around weirdo

girl spending time with lovely jack Russel Terrier dog
One dog really had a taste for dirt. | Artem Tryhub/iStock/Getty Images

One pet owner has proclaimed his dog to the the weirdest. Among his odd tendencies: Eating dirt until his mouth is covered in dirty spit bubbles, forgetting he’s laying down while he’s in the process of it (leaving his rear half up in the air), popping a boner when he’s scared, and stealing half empty plastic water bottles and storing them under his owners’ bed.

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