The Bud+Breakfast: A Marijuana Lover’s Traveling Dream

Source: The Mary Jane Group

Source: The Mary Jane Group

You could say that it was merely a matter of time before marijuana legalization birthed a business model like this. It was perhaps unsurprising to see tourism companies jump into the fray after Colorado and Washington opted to ‘go green’, and with investors pouring money into a variety of business models — all catered to the 420-friendly crowd — we’re starting to see some very interesting and niche concepts coalesce into actual, sustainable companies.

A prime example? A hotel, created just for marijuana enthusiasts. Behold: the Bud+Breakfast — the very first cannabis-friendly lodging option in America, for adults over the age of 21.

Owned and operated by its parent company, the MaryJane Group, there are currently three Bud+Breakfast properties operating around Colorado: one in Denver, Silverthorne, and Colorado Springs. These are plush spots, run by professionals who evidently take customer service and hospitality seriously; not just places to crash and hit the bong.

Each Bud+Breakfast has a couple of signature features, designed to cater precisely to any pot tourist’s interests. Of course, you’ll get the Wake+Bake breakfast, which boasts a freshly brewed cup of cannabis coffee (made with a Sativa, to get you on your feet), and a number of breakfast classics — all meant to compliment the various strains that may be consumed in the morning. Later in the day, a 4:20 Happy Hour takes place with beer, wine, and snacks.

So, if you have been giving some serious thought to taking a trip to check out what marijuana legalization actually looks like a couple of years after the laws have been in place, these Bud+Breakfast spots may be ideal. They’re clean, comfortable, and relatively affordable. MaryJane Group says that prices for a room start at $129 per night, which includes breakfast and Happy Hour.

“One thing that makes the Bud+Breakfast locations so unique is their ability to allow guests to consume cannabis in all public areas thanks to its low number of rooms and secluded mountainside locations,” a representative for the MaryJane Group told The Cheat Sheet.

For those of you who aren’t necessarily into marijuana, or the culture surrounding it, it’s still rather remarkable to see a concept like this actually manifest. Just a few years ago, the idea of a marijuana-friendly bed and breakfast chain would’ve been nothing more than a joke — or a entrepreneur’s pipe dream. But here we are, with three actual Bud+Breakfast locations that you can go stay at, right now.

While this company is still in its relative infancy, what we are witnessing is the emergence of a whole new sector that is being driven by marijuana legalization: Canna-tourism. While we mentioned previously that there are cannabis-focused tour companies operating in Colorado and Washington, the idea of a marijuana-centric hospitality company grabs that proverbial baton and runs with it.

We’ve written before about the economic effects of legalization, and how the ending of prohibition has led to thousands of new jobs, but entrepreneurs taking existing business models like hotels — or the good ole’ bed and breakfast — and adapting them to a post-prohibition world is only going to expand that impact, accelerating growth.

And if the MaryJane Group’s short-term success is any indication, Canna-Tourism is set to explode.

According to a recent press release, the company is seeing sustained growth, albeit on a small scale. The MaryJane Group occupied more than 800 rooms across their properties, a figure that increased by 28% in just one quarter this year. “This increase reflects continued growth in Canna-Tourism,” said MaryJane Group’s president and CEO Joel C. Schneider. “We are confident that we will continue to experience strength in advanced bookings with next year being on par, if not better, than this year. We are experiencing tremendous growth and Colorado Springs is going to help us achieve a record-breaking summer.”

Schneider and company have evidently struck gold with the Bud+Breakfast idea, and now it’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here. There are likely many other up-and-coming companies that will have similar models, and if they can provide enough jobs and revenue to Colorado, it may be another arrow in the quiver for legalization advocates hoping to end prohibition in other states.

As for travelers and tourists, a stay at a Bud+Breakfast may be the perfect way to achieve a Rocky Mountain high.

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