The Craziest Shoppers Retail Workers Have Had to Deal With

Retail employees are often overworked and underpaid. On top of that, they have to deal with some pretty crazy customers. Read on to learn about the craziest, weirdest people these retail workers have witnessed while on the job.

1. A customer who only stole product boxes

Perfume shop

Forget the product — the value is in the box. | adisa/iStock/Getty Images

“I once saw someone take the packaging off an expensive face cream, place the product back on the shelf and then walk away with the box. My guess is they were using it to sell knock off goods or something, but you’d think they’d just go the whole hog if they were willing to steal in the first place,” a Reddit user said. 

2. This women went crazy over a scented lotion

Young woman choosing cosmetic cream in beauty shop.

Scented lotion is apparently a big deal. | DmitriMaruta/iStock/Getty Images

“A lady comes in today and demands a fragrance we don’t have in stores. I very politely tell her we do not carry it in stores but she can still find it online. She loses it, starts screaming about how I am incompetent, and how she should be able to buy it in store if it is online. Keep in mind she is YELLING at me, like screaming over a scent of lotion.

“I give her a customer service card, because she is so irate and this company is obsessed with making customers happy. I tell her she can have 20% off her purchase. She screams at me and tells me if I don’t give her money to cover shipping she’s going to make me sorry. I tell her I can’t just take money from the store. She says not from the store, YOU should give it to me. She wanted me to hand her money from my own pocket to cover shipping,” Rate My Job reports.

3. Weird teenage girls sitting in the middle of a Target, eating snow

target shopping cart

Instead of the wide range of beverages they could choose from, they picked snow. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

“We had these teen girls come in one winter. They grabbed some bean bag chairs and sat in the middle of the aisle and started eating snow that they brought in from outside. They asked people who walked past where they could buy more snow and ice. They weren’t bothering anyone, so we just let them stay there. They sat there for about an hour and then left,” a Target employee told Cosmopolitan

4. A man went nuts over a paper shredder

Businessman putting a document in paper shredder

Some people take their money very seriously. | Jeliva/iStock/Getty Images

“A guy who was in his 60s returned a paper shredder 10 months after he purchased it. A stamp on his receipt said that anything returned after 60 days was charged a 20% restocking fee. He said he refused to pay it because it wasn’t opened up. After I tried to be polite for 30 seconds, he started yelling at me loud enough for a manager from a different area to come over. It ended with the customer asking what time I got off, because he would be waiting for me so we could ‘finish our discussion.’ I thought it was strange because I didn’t raise my voice or do anything insulting or threatening at this point.

“Being a cocky teenager I said, ‘I get off at 4:00 pm and I exit the loading dock doors, just outside these doors and down the hill. See you then grandpa.’ Good thing the manager was between us because he tried attacking me, but was held back by the manager who lifted weights 5 days a week. The best part … the restocking fee would have been about $4,” a former Sears employee said on Reddit.

5. When people kept mistaking a book store for the library

Blurred background in book store

Well at least she wasn’t that far off. | KCHANDE/iStock/Getty Images

“I used to work in a bookstore and twice a month customers mistook it for a library. I actually had to take one customer outside to show her our store sign because she was adamant that I was wrong and she was in the library,” reported BuzzFeed.

6. An extreme coupon enthusiast


She took coupons to the next level. | iStock/Getty Images

“A lady came to my register with a huge stack of coupons. I think she could tell I was new and didn’t know all of the rules about how many coupons you can use — there’s a coupon limit per item and transaction. If the register said she used too many coupons, she would ask me to override it.

“The entire transaction took about an hour and a half, and by the end of it, she only owed about $1 for $500 worth of stuff. But then she told me I must have missed a coupon, and she had her elderly mother with her, and I didn’t want to fight it, so I scanned one more coupon and she walked away with two carts of stuff, completely for free,” another Target employee told Cosmopolitan.

7. When a Microsoft customer crossed the line

Microsoft logo

That’s a serious threat. | Sam Yeh/AFP/Getty Images

“I worked Windows support at Microsoft in the ’90s. When I told a guy that his support agreement expired and we would need to charge him, he flipped … and said ‘that McVeigh, he bombed the wrong building.’ He even repeated it so I could emergency record it, oh and I had his name, address & phone number,” Business Insider quoted from Reddit.

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