The Craziest Things People Ever Tried to Sneak Through Airport Security

You know the drill: any time you’re gearing up for a trip, you need to head to the dollar store to stock up on those adorable travel bottles in TSA-friendly sizes. You might even know some more advanced travel tricks, like freezing a bottle of water to bring along (hey, it’s not liquid).

But then there are some people who seem completely oblivious to flying regulations. Whether they’re willfully disobeying the rules or they’re just unaware that packing a live animal in your carry-on is (rightfully) forbidden, read on to discover some of the most bizarre items that TSA agents have found during their checks.

1. A live tiger cub

Baby Tiger Cub
The poor baby tiger was stuffed in a suitcase. | Mehendra/iStock/Getty Images

One Thai woman tried sneaking a live tiger cub (along with a stuffed version) through the Bangkok airport. The 2-month-old cub was heavily sedated and his heartbeat was detected through the airport’s x-ray machine. When confronted, the woman claimed to have no knowledge of the animal.

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2. Cocaine cookies

american cookies
People try to hide cocaine in a lot of different food items. | CuorerouC/iStock/Getty Images

It’s safe to say that when it comes to drug smuggling attempting, the TSA has seen everything. And with the incredible noses of drug-sniffing dogs, the risks just don’t seem worth it. But these cases prove that would-be smugglers will keep trying no matter what.

In 2014, a Guatemalan man was arrested at Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey with a bunch of chocolate chip cookies in his bag… except those chocolate chips weren’t really chocolate. Each chip was really a tiny pellet of cocaine, with all of them adding up to 2 pounds of cocaine worth more than $50,000.

But the cookie smuggler wasn’t the only drug distributor who tried to use food to move product. One man flying into New York JFK from Trinidad had seven pounds of cocaine shoved inside frozen hunks of goat meat. Another from Guyana had 18 pounds hidden inside bags of custard mix.

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3. 200 poisonous tarantulas

Tarantula on man's hand
They had been collecting insects in Peru. | Yuri Cortez/AFP/Getty Images

Talk about creepy.

In 2012, the TSA confiscated 200 live, poisonous tarantulas along with other bugs including crickets and millipedes in tubes hidden in clothing. A German couple had been collecting the insects in Peru and were attempting to bring them home through Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, a direct violation of the laws which prohibit bringing wildlife in from other countries.

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4. A human skull

She had intended the skull to be used for voodoo. | Daboost/Getty Images

It’s illegal to bring human remains through airport security without a death certificate and a valid reason, but that didn’t stop one woman from trying. She got busted smuggling a dirty human skull complete with hair and skin when traveling from Haiti to Miami.

The skull in question was believed to belong to an African-American man who had died within the year. The 30-year-old woman told customs officials that she purchased the skull with intentions of using it to practice voodoo.

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5. A baby

Toddler boy sleeping on father's laps while traveling in airplane
She almost got a way with it. | Yaoinlove/iStock/Getty Images

People will do just about anything to avoid paying airline fees. Even pack their newborn babies in suitcases.

Though it’s thankfully rare, it does happen on occasion. Recently, a woman on an Air France flight from Istanbul Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport got caught hiding a two-month-old baby in her carry-on. What’s worse is that she almost got away with it. Authorities found out halfway through the three and a half hour flight when she reportedly opened the bag and passengers noticed something moving inside of it.

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6. Batarangs

batarang tsa
You definitely can’t bring these on board. | TSA via Instagram

Holy weapons, Batman!

Plenty of people try to smuggle knives, but there’s an alarming new trend towards specifically trying to carry “batarangs” — sharp, metal, bat-shaped blades like the one Batman throws at his enemies. And to answer your question, yes: these superhero themed weapons are strictly forbidden. Even if you happen to be named Bruce Wayne.

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7. A severed seal head

Sea Lion - family seal on the beach, La Jolla, California.USA
The poor seal…  | mirecca/iStock/Getty Images

A biology teacher traveling from Denver to Boston was caught smuggling a severed harbor seal head amongst his luggage. He claimed he found the seal dead on a beach and cut off its head for educational purposes. But whether his story was true or not, federal law makes it illegal to disrupt or remove body parts from a dead mammal or transport fish or wildlife. The man was allowed to board the plane, but the head was confiscated.

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8. Venomous snakes

Snake WIne
The snakes were all in glass containers. | Maxim Marmur/AFP/Getty Images

Ever hear of the movie Snakes on a Plane? It almost happened for real…

Just one year after the classic Samuel Jackson thriller was released, a man got caught attempting to transport 30 poisonous snakes from South Korea to Atlanta. Luckily for the passengers, the snakes were all dead and shoved in glass containers. But it was still super creepy.

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9. Bags of live tropical fish

fish in aquarium
Smuggling wildlife is a serious crime. | gracethang/iStock/Getty Images

A woman arriving in Melbourne was stopped and searched when officials noticed she was walking strangely. The Australian Customs Service put out a press release stating, “During the search, customs officers became suspicious after hearing ‘flipping’ noises coming from the vicinity of her waist.”

Turns out that’s because she had 15 plastic bags filled with 50 live tropical fish woven into her skirt. Smuggling wildlife can result in more than $80,000 worth of fines and a prison sentence up to 10 years.

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10. A meat slicer

Meat slicer tsa confiscated
Anything with this big of a blade is definitely a no-go. | TSA via Instagram

Meat slicers have razor-sharp blades, which is why you’re not allowed to pack them in your carryon. TSA agents confiscated one at the Southwest Florida International airport in 2015.

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11. Anti-tank gun

Anti tank gun TSA confiscated
This one seems like it should be obvious. | TSA via Instagram

Most people know that traveling with weapons is a real no-no. An expended 84-mm anti-tank gun was discovered and confiscated at the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in Pennsylvania. Live or not, guns are prohibited in carry-on bags and can only be packed in checked baggage with the appropriate clearances and paperwork.

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12. A suicide bomber vest

Suicide bomber vest tsa
Even if it was only a dummy, it not doubt gave them quite a scare. | TSA via Instagram

A suicide bomber vest was discovered in a checked bag at Indianapolis International Airport. It contained 30 electric matches, a bag of potassium chlorate, and a bag of titanium powder, which were all inert. Luckily, after a little research, they figured out that it was just a training aid.

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13. Smoke bomb

Smoke grenade TSA confiscated
Yep, definitely not allowed. | TSA via Instagram

A live purple smoke grenade was discovered in a checked bag at Las Vegas McCarran airport. Yeah, that’s not allowed, even in checked items.

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14. Live pigeons

He had pigeons attached to each leg. | Mohd Rasfan/AFP/Getty Images

A man was detained at Melbourne airport when officers discovered a vitamin container with two bird eggs inside it. After a more thorough investigation, the man was found to have live pigeons stuffed into padded envelopes and wrapped around each leg. He was attempting to board a 10-hour flight with his feathered friends.

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15. Avalanche charge

Avalanche charge confiscated by TSA
He or she was arrested for this one. | TSA via Instagram

An avalanche charge (a homemade explosive device used to set off an avalanche) was found in a carry-on bag at Anchorage International Airport. And while plenty of people have made it through security and only had their weapons confiscated, in this instance the passenger was arrested.

Just a small hint for next time you’re flying: you can contact a TSA agent 24/7 and ask specific questions about what’s allowed and what’s not. Happy travels!

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