The Lavish Homes of Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein

Fashion designer Georgina Chapman and movie producer Harvey Weinstein have a combined net worth of $170 million, according to a 2013 Forbes report. Together, they’ve spent millions upon millions of that fortune on real estate.

With the current scandal surrounding Weinstein (and Chapman’s subsequent decision to leave him), the status of the couple’s real estate holdings may soon change. But until then, these are the lavish properties the couple can call their own. Check out their breathtaking homes below.

Townhouse in New York City

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In 2006, Weinstein acquired a five-story townhouse in New York City’s West Village for $14.9 million, according to The New York Post. A year later, Chapman moved into the townhouse with him. Since then, Chapman and Weinstein have had two children, India and Dashiell, and are raising them in the New York home. Chapman’s mother, Caroline, also lives with family. Chapman told The Daily Mail, “Mum’s very much my backbone and having her close by has really helped.”

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Mansion in the Hamptons

Amagansett, New York

The couple has owned the property for three years. | Soethby’s International Real Estate

Chapman and Weinstein have also owned an estate in Amagansett, New York,  since 2014. The home has more than 9,000 square feet of space, a three-car garage, five fireplaces, and a screening room, but the best part may be the view. The residence is on top of a bluff overlooking the ocean. Weinstein and Chapman recently listed the property for $12.4 million.

A home in Westport, Connecticut

Westport, Connecticut

Westport, Connecticut, is less than 50 miles from New York City. | Jupiterimages/iStock/Getty Images

Before the scandal, the Weinstein family spent much of their time in Westport, which is conveniently less than 50 miles from New York City. Westport is an affluent town, with a median family income of $152,894. And its residents are familiar with seeing famous faces, as Michael Bolton and Don Imus have both owned property in Westport.

Why Connecticut?

Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman

The couple wed there in 2007. | Adrian Sanchez-Gonzolaz/AFP/Getty Images

According to a 2015 interview, Weinstein bought the Connecticut home for a specific reason: To be closer to his mother. The house was a safe haven for the couple, especially Weinstein. Chapman said, “As soon as he walks in the door, he takes a deep breath and relaxes.” In fact, the home was so special to the couple that they got married there in 2007.

The couple hosts events

Harvey Weinstein home Connecticut

Their house was full of people before the 2012 election. | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Famous faces flooded to Westport in 2012 for an event hosted by Chapman and Weinstein. The couple hosted a fundraiser for former President Barack Obama at the Connecticut home. Sixty people attended, including notable guests like Anna Wintour, Justin Timberlake, and Anne Hathaway.

Additional Connecticut properties

Connecticut house Weinstein

They recently sold the property. |

Weinstein is said to own additional real estate in Connecticut. He reportedly owns two residences on Beachside Avenue in Westport, but in October 2017 he sold another Connecticut property for $1.65 million.

According to The L.A. Times, Weinstein purchased the property more than 20 years ago for $825,000. The 1953 home boasts 3,050 square feet of living space, four bedrooms, and three baths.

Other real estate holdings

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Over the years, both Chapman and Weinstein have built up their real estate portfolios. In 2009, Chapman purchased a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in New York City’s West Village with her brother and Marchesa CEO, Edward Chapman, according to Variety. The two bought the apartment for $1.7 million. In 2015, Weinstein also purchased property in L.A. for one of his older children for $1.55 million.

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