15 of the Laziest Dog Breeds

Some dogs are naturally more active than others. While most puppies are playful and full of boundless energy, that activity level typically levels out as the dog ages. Even so, some dog breeds require constant stimulation, long walks, and in-depth activities. Others are content to be couch potatoes.

Looking for a dog who likes to lie around napping in the sun? Check out these lazy dog breeds.

1. Bulldog

Lazy Bulldog Puppy

This dog is a champion sleeper. | Marcelo-Kaneshira/iStock/Getty Images

Your bulldog may appreciate a brisk walk every day, but once you get home don’t be surprised if he curls up for a nice long siesta. This family-friendly breed has a reputation for being a champion sleeper, making him one of the laziest dog breeds around.

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2. Saint Bernard

St Bernard lying in a field

They’re gentle giants. | dennismesias/iStock/Getty Images

These gentle giants are calm, patient, and sweet, making them the ideal breed for families with young kids. They’re known as “nanny dogs” for their innate ability to keep an eye on the kids — when they’re not taking a quick snooze, of course.

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3. Basset hound

Basset hound

After chasing a few squirrels, they’re content to sleep the day away. | coja1108/iStock/Getty Images

These short-statured pups may be great hunting dogs, but they’re just as content to skip the squirrel chasing for a bit of R&R. Cuddly and charming, the basset hound is a favorite breed for so many dog lovers.

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4. French bulldog

Sad Lovely Dog French Bulldog

They don’t require much exercise. | bruev/iStock/Getty Images

Frenchies are becoming increasingly more popular as people start to realize how lovable they are. They’re low-maintenance and don’t require much exercise or room to run, making them perfect for city or apartment dwellers. And while a quick walk will be appreciated, this breed is more than happy to hang out in bed or on the couch all day.

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5. Pekingese

Happy pekingese puppy outdoors on a sunny day on the grass in the garden.

They’re a perfect lap dog. | iStock.com/utreht

Pekingese is the quintessential lap dog. This breed loves curling up with you in your favorite chair and won’t get too upset if you skip your daily walk in favor of an afternoon nap. They excel at amusing and comforting their owners, making them ideal for elderly companions, too.

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6. Bernese mountain dog

sleeping bernese mountaindog

They thrive outdoors and inside. | SonjaBrenner/iStock/Getty Images

They’re built for hard work, but that doesn’t mean they can’t kick back and relax. Bernese mountain dogs love being outside and are well-suited to the outdoorsy type of person. However, they also thrive indoors with their human families and are likely to indulge in a nap or two.

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7. Chow chow

Chow-Chow drinking water

Give them a comfortable environment, and they’ll go right to sleep. | Marcelo-Kaneshira/iStock/Getty Images

He may not be the best choice for novice dog owners. Still, this serious and intelligent breed has moderate exercise needs, and won’t mind hanging out in the house a lot of the time. Just be sure to jack your air conditioning — chow chows don’t tolerate heat or humidity well.

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8. Pug

Cute dog puppy Pug sleep by chin and tongue lay on Floor and look to the left for see or wait someone

This dog is easy to keep in small spaces. | fongleon356/iStock/Getty Images

It’s hard not to love a pug. Mischievous, fun-loving, and full of personality, this small-statured pup is a popular choice for dog owners. He’s the ideal house dog and is just as content at a sprawling country manor as he is in a tiny city apartment. Just be careful not to overfeed him, as obesity is a known problem with this breed.

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9. Tibetan mastiff

tibetan mastiff puppy sleeping

This breed is pretty mellow. | onetouchspark/iStock/Getty Images

He’s large and foreboding, plus distrustful or even territorial with strangers. This ancient breed also has a mellow, calm disposition and a deep abiding love for his human family. He doesn’t always come when you call him, so he’s not one you can let roam and frolic without a fenced yard.

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10. Havanese

Cute sleeping Havanese puppy on white bedspread

They’ll do fine in a city apartment. | Dorottya_Mathe/iStock/Getty Images

Havanese is yet another breed that’s popular with city dwellers. She has a cheerful personality and an adaptable nature that makes her great for families. She’s happy to engage in a bit of play or a quick walk, but when you notice her panting, it’s time to stop and go home for a rest.

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11. Great Dane

Great Dane lying on floor

After a daily walk, they’re happy to lie around the house. | iStock/Getty Images

The Great Dane is called the “Apollo of Dogs” thanks to his imposing stature. He’s big, gentle, and great with children. A Great Dane may need daily exercise, but after that he’ll be happy to laze around the house.

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12. Newfoundland

Newfoundland dog sleep on floor

They’re pretty low-key dogs. | yokeetod/iStock/Getty Images

You wouldn’t want to cram this gigantic breed into a tiny apartment — Newfoundlands can weigh up to 150 pounds! Still, these mammoth dogs aren’t known for being very energetic. This breed also makes a great nanny dog for kids. She’s sweet and low-key with a penchant for naps in her giant dog bed.

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13. Shih Tzu

Shih tzu dog sleeping

They’ll love a nap on your lap. | chaoss/iStock/Getty Images

They don’t shed and they love to nap — what’s not to love about a Shih Tzu? They’re affectionate and playful, and they don’t need much exercise. Don’t be surprised when this pretty pup curls up on the couch and sleeps all day.

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14. Irish wolfhound

An Irish Wolfhound sleeps in the grooming area

After a little activity, they’re happy to take a rest. | Drew Angerer/iStock/Getty Images

An old Irish proverb describes him perfectly: “Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked.”

This breed makes an excellent guard dog and is fiercely loyal to his family. He’s happy to run around outdoors in the sunshine, but he’ll follow that up with a good long rest sprawled out on the kitchen floor.

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15 Cavalier King Charles spaniel

cute cavalier king charles spaniel dog

They’re experts in lounging. | Buffy1982/iStock/Getty Images

The AKC describes this breed as, “affectionate, gentle, and graceful.” He’s happy to sit in your lap and lounge about the house, making him the ideal choice for unapologetic homebodies.

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