The Most Bizarre Things Housekeepers Have Ever Found in a Hotel Room

For the most part, hotel rooms are nasty. Regardless of how clean they may look, the truth is they’re often pretty disgusting. Are there exceptions? Of course. For instance, you could be staying at a hotel fit for a royal. If that’s the case, we have every confidence in the hotel’s top-notch attention to detail. But typically, those kinds of places are far too pricey for the rest of us.

The reality is we’re not all fortunate enough to be able to choose our lodging accommodations based on the star rating rather than price. And that means the cleanliness factor may not be up to our standards.

If you weren’t freaked out before, get ready. Here are eight of the most bizarre things ever found in hotel rooms, as revealed by Reddit users who’ve seen it all.

1. A drawer full of spaghetti sauce

Ketchup or sauce stains.
That’s not how you store sauce. | Kolidzei/iStock/Getty Images

We get it. Pasta is delicious, and it’s the spaghetti sauce that makes it so. But there’s no excuse for leaving it where it doesn’t belong — such as inside a hotel room drawer.

Oddly enough, that’s what one person did. And it didn’t take long for the hotel maid to figure out this guest clearly had an affinity for pasta. Who else would leave a drawer full of spaghetti sauce in no jar or container? Yikes.

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2. Adult toys with a request to be cleaned

shocked housewife cleaning window
That is not their job. | PRImageFactory/iStock/Getty Images

What people do in the privacy of their own room is their business — until, of course, their repulsive behavior becomes an issue for the staff.

For example, if a hotel worker walked into a room and saw a display of sex toys on the desk, that would probably qualify as problematic. Oh, and there was also a note asking the employee to “please wash.” Gross, people. Gross.

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3. An entire room covered in paper towels

close up of paper towel
That is just bizarre. | iStock/Getty Images

“I worked as a house keeper in a small motel for maybe 2 months,” WaterWitchOfTheNorth said. “One day we had to clean a room covered completely in paper towels. Everything was covered. The bed, the chairs, the floor. Not horrific, but weird.”

Well yeah, we’d say that’s a bit more than just weird. In fact, we’d chalk this one up to totally bizarre. We will say, though, that a room covered in paper towels is far preferable to one that’s been covered in human waste, which is another unforgettable experience this Reddit user was unlucky enough to encounter.

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4. Lifelike dolls

Plastic baby doll lying on a couch
This is terrifying. | Tadej Pibernik/iStock/Getty Images

Some people collect stamps. Some collect jewelry. Others? Well, they collect dolls.

The only thing creepier than a doll is a doll that seems 100% real. And three of these lifelike dolls together? Well, that’s a sight that would freak anyone out.

When one janitor entered a hotel room, he noticed “what appeared to be three newborn children in the bed.” But don’t freak out just yet. Turns out, they were reborn dolls, which are made to mimic actual babies.

So did you just look up reborn dolls? OK, you can freak out again now.

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5. Adult toy posing as a Popsicle

Firecracker popsicle
Those were not Popsicles. | Walmart

How harmless could a box of Popsicles be? It’s only one of the most refreshing summertime treats known to man, right? Well, yes, that’s the line of reasoning any logical person would follow, which is why we’re simply baffled by this one.

Reddit user r4tgrl, who used to tag along with grandma when she cleaned hotel rooms, found a box of Popsicles in the freezer. Much to the 7-year-old’s surprise, the Popsicle in question was actually an adult sex toy covered in … rhymes with loop.

Sorry, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to say it. Poor kid.

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6. Severed heads (which turned out to be cadavers)

yellow law enforcement line with police car
It’s understandable that she’d call the cops on this one. | carlballou/iStock/Getty Images

Ten severed heads in the bathtub with the water running? That’s what one hotel maid found, or so she thought.

Like any sane person, she called the police who began investigating immediately. But obviously, there’s a reason why you’re reading about this here rather than seeing it on the news. When the hotel guest returned to his room, it was revealed that “he was in charge of an ENT cadaver lab being held the next AM and needed to thaw the specimens.” How about that!

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7. Prosthetic leg

Prosthetic leg
You would think that would be something they would miss. | ImagePixel/iStock/Getty Images

Hey buddy, I think you’re missing a leg.

You’d think someone wouldn’t actually be able to leave without it, but hey, stuff happens. And apparently, someone left their prosthetic leg in an armoire. Armoires with their doors — they sure can be tricky.

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8. Whip-it canisters

Whip it canister
At least they had a sense of humor about it. | Amazon

When one Reddit user agreed to give the housekeeper a hand, they both got more than they bargained for. And it was quite a laughable situation.

The two “discovered a drawer and a ceramic vase full of empty whipit canisters,” about 300 of them. Luckily, they found it hilarious. We just hope the people who emptied them were OK.

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