The Most Hated Grocery Store Chains in America

What makes one grocery store better than another? Plenty, according to a recent Consumer Reports survey of over 50,000 respondents. Supermarket shoppers hope for quality produce, fresh meat, short checkout lines, decent prices, and overall cleanliness in their shopping experiences. Failing to provide those basics may have disastrous results for retailers.

In fact, in the cutthroat world of groceries, “three in 10 shoppers switched supermarkets due to poor selection, long lines, awful food, or dirtiness.” While online shopping is changing many categories, most people still rely on brick-and-mortar stores to stock their pantries.

This means supermarket owners must focus on the overall customer experience — much more than just product selection. Some are doing a fantastic job, while others are racking up complaints. Read on to see which grocery stores have the worst reputations based on Consumer Reports’ comprehensive research.

Dishonorable mention: Target

target cart

Shoppers know a “quick trip” to Target is rare. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Score: Almost 60% of shoppers had at least one complaint about Target.
Locations: nationwide

Don’t panic! Target is not circling the drain. But surprisingly, this beloved store with nearly a cult following struggled in an important Consumer Reports category. They received at least one complaint from over 50% of its consumers.

The dissatisfaction might stem from Target’s 2017 announcement that about 40 million of its shoppers’ debit and credit card accounts may have been stolen. Additionally, Consumers Reports has some concerns about quality versus cost at Target. It warns shoppers of purchasing cookware, coffee, and salad dressings there.

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