The Most Overplayed Wedding Trends that Need to Die in 2017

In the age of social media and online pinboards, it’s easier than ever to get a glimpse into just about anyone’s wedding — from A-list celebrities to your favorite crafty blogger. This onslaught of inspiration has done wonders for brides everywhere. Now, instead of trying to dream up a great idea for wedding favors, all you have to do is type a quick search into Pinterest and you’ll have tons of awesome ideas at your fingertips.

But this unchecked access to information does have a downside. Now that engaged couples aren’t just relying on their own imaginations to plan a wedding, a few noteworthy trends have started to emerge, and they’re getting worn out. Yes, it was cute the first time someone decided to serve cocktails in Mason jars. But now that we’ve all seen it a billion times, can we please just have our highball glasses back?

Before you head to Amazon to order a pallet of flameless LED tea lights, check out some overplayed wedding trends that you should definitely avoid.

1. Mason jars everywhere

The ever popular mason jar is a little overdone. | iStock/Getty Images

From fancy hotel ballrooms to low-key fire halls across the country, it seems no one is immune to the pull of the all-powerful Mason jar.

Originally invented for the practical purpose of canning, Mason jars have taken the wedding industry by storm and are now used for everything: Drinking glasses, centerpieces, lanterns, bowls, silverware servers, vases, candle holders — you get the picture.

In fact, if you laid every Mason jar purchased in 2015 end to end, that line would circle the entire globe. And while there’s no breakdown on how many of those purchasers also happened to be tying the knot, chances are they made up a huge percentage.

Want to do something totally unique for your big day? Try to have an entire wedding without using one single Mason jar. Go ahead, we dare you.

2. Photo booths with cheesy props

Photo booth props

You’ll spend thousands of dollars for cheesy shots. | Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Pandora Media

Brides of yesteryear used to pass out disposable cameras (remember those?) so guests could capture candid moments that the photographers missed. After that came professional photo booth rentals with boxes of goofy props. Renting the whole setup often cost thousands of extra dollars and inevitably led to the same outcome: Blurry photos that weren’t worth much. Like many other items on the list, this tired trend isn’t worth the cost.

For a fresh take on this dated idea, you can create your own video booth, which captures so much more than a still photo. Set up a GoPro camera and have guests record advice, memories, or whatever you want. Follow a few simple steps to create your own and save a bunch of money. Plus, you’ll have some pretty awesome video clips when you’re done.

3. Barn weddings

Barn Wedding

The rustic chic thing has been overdone. | Tomtom022/iStock/Getty Images

Blame it on Pinterest or on Joanna Gaines, but no matter who the culprit is, one thing is for sure: Barn weddings are a total cliché now.

Complete with fabric draped from the rafters and white twinkle lights circling every beam, it seems like even the city girls can’t get enough of this popular trend. But does it really make sense to have your wedding reception in a barn if you’ve never set foot on a working farm?

Just because you don’t want to have a traditional reception in a hotel ballroom doesn’t mean a barn wedding is your only option. Check out other unique venues that might suit your personality better, such as museums, vineyards, or even a private home that you can rent (just choose one that’s not a farm). It’ll be a lot more interesting than yet another burlap meets lace affair.

4. Cutesy signage

Happily Ever After sign

The whole point of a wedding is happily ever after. | Zwartfotografie/iStock/Getty Images

“Choose a seat, not a side… we’re all family once the knot is tied!” Yeah, we get it, guests should sit anywhere. But before you cheapen the look of your wedding with a trite little truism on a faux wood sign, consider informing your ushers where they should seat wedding guests. No ushers? Let the guests sit where they want, and just worry about seating arrangements for the reception instead.

Bottom line: Decorative yet nonfunctional signs are unnecessary, even if you think those tiny chalkboards are just so darn delightful.

5. Candy bars

candy gummy worms

Setting up a candy bar is sweet, but boring. | Jenifoto/iStock/Getty Images

One bride did it, and then they all started doing it.

Candy tables set up with an array of different confections to sample became popular as an additional dessert option alongside the wedding cake. And while sugar-frenzied ring bearers absolutely love it, this is an overplayed trend that really needs to go away now.
Candy is dandy, but if you want to have extra desserts that are a little more grown up, go for more unique and personalized treat tables. Some ideas include a waffle bar, s’mores station, cookie displays, or really anything sweet besides candy.

6. Quirky footwear

Bride in sneakers

You don’t need to wear stilettos, but sneakers are kind of tacky. | Halfpoint/iStock/Getty Images

Aww, look how charming and unconventional that bride is with her sneakers instead of fancy heels! Except wait … tons of other brides have done it before.

If you can’t stand the idea of hobbling down the aisle in four-inch stilettos, try a comfy pair of flats or even some pretty sandals. Anything you pick will be less overused than hot pink Chuck Taylors.

And you’re not off the hook if you were planning to wear cowboy boots. Unless you are literally a cowboy with a horse and a ranch, don’t do it. Just don’t.

7. Choreographed dances

Wedding Dnace

If you’re a professional dancer, you can ignore this one. | ASPhotowed/iStock/Getty Images

Whether they involve just the bride and groom or the entire bridal party, this is one trend that’s totally played out.

There are some people who are really good dancers … and then there’s the rest of us. If you don’t have professional skills, then what’s the point of putting your guests through an awkward interpretation of the latest pop song? You can show off your moves on the dance floor without turning it into a spectacle. The whole choreographed dance thing is very been there, danced that.

8. Themed weddings

Happy bride and groom in winter wedding day.

Your wedding doesn’t need a theme. | Satura86/iStock/Getty Images

Rustic chic. Gatsby. Winter wonderland.

Just because you use a certain element as part of your big day, it doesn’t mean you have to go all out and create a themed wedding. After all, it’s your wedding day, not a child’s birthday party. Instead, try to incorporate elements from all of your interests instead of sticking to one specific theme. The end result will be a lot classier (and more unique) than looking like you ordered all your decorations from one page of Oriental Trading.

9. Wedding hashtags

Couple at wedding

It’s great to look at all the pictures, but tacky to include in the program. | Maria Teijeiro/iStock/Getty Images

Some call them awesome. Others call them awkward.

Wedding hashtags are a great way to see all the photos that attendees upload to Instagram. However, plastering the sappy made up phrase everywhere and bullying guests into using it is just plain gauche.

This trend may be having its 15 minutes, but it will be over soon. #Guaranteed.

10. Personalized cocktails

Blood orange cocktail with orange slice

Just let your guests order what they want. | iStock/Getty Images

Whatever happened to a dry martini? This trend is especially heinous when the cocktails come with sexist undertones, like a fizzy pink drink for the bride (who prefers beer) and a strong whiskey cocktail for the groom (who prefers Zima). Extra points for when the drink also comes with a corny name.

Instead, just serve top shelf liquor, wine, and beer. That’s all your guests really want anyway.