The Most Surprising Secrets TSA Agents Really Wish You Knew

Everybody hates going through airport security. Before you even get there, you have to stand in line forever, surrounded by crowds of annoying travelers. Then, you probably find yourself holding your breath as the Transportation Security Administration agent scrutinizes your ID and boarding pass. And once you’ve cleared that hurdle, you have to juggle your shoes, your coat, and all your belongings into plastic bins, so you can wait your turn to walk through the body scanner.

Even though you can’t fly without spending at least a few minutes at the TSA checkpoint, most travelers don’t really know what goes on behind the scenes. Below, check out the most surprising secrets that TSA agents really wish you knew. You might just conclude that airport security is as annoying for TSA agents as it is for you.

1. TSA agents use code words to talk about travelers

Passengers going through airport security check

TSA agents use code words to talk about travelers. |

Ever wondered whether the TSA agents at airport security were talking about you? They might have been. Mental Floss reports that at many TSA checkpoints, agents settle on code words to talk about passengers. They often use those code words to alert their co-workers to particularly attractive or annoying travelers. If you’re particularly annoying or mean, they might even single you out for extra screening. So try to be on your best behavior.

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