The 15 Most Surprising Things You Can Mail Without a Box

You may have heard about people mailing glitter bombs to their enemies or getting a surprise box of poop via USPS. But did you know you can mail common items just by sticking a few stamps on them? Your mailman is legally required to accept certain items without packaging, which is environmentally friendly and pretty handy if you don’t have the right box. Plus, it’s fun to receive a random object in the mail without having to open it.

Check out all the things you didn’t know you could send without packaging. You can even mail certain foods — all you need is postage (see page 10).

1. Piñatas

Colorful pinata donkey

We just hope it doesn’t break open. | modds/iStock/Getty Images

If you’re hoping to send a party via mail, this is the best way to do it. You can stuff a piñata with candy or other small treats (just be sure to close it securely). You can’t mail the wire part, but you can attach an address directly to this festive item and take it right to the post office.

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