The Most Surprising Things Your Mail Carrier Knows About You, Revealed

Being a mail carrier isn’t the easiest or the most glamorous job in the world. For one thing, they’re often stuck delivering mail in all kinds of unpleasant weather, from dangerous blizzards to sweltering heat. They get chased or even bit by dogs. People aren’t always happy to see them, especially when they’re delivering fat stacks of bills.

But you better be kind to your postman– after all — it turns out they know more about you than you might think. Read on to discover all the secrets your mail carrier knows about you.

1. They know you have good credit

They can deduce your credit score. | iStock/Getty Images

People who are constantly getting credit card offers in the mail typically have great credit. Meanwhile, if you’re getting collection letters all the time, your mail carrier will assume that the opposite is true.

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