The No. 1 Worst Disney Park You Can Go To

Trips to Disney don’t come cheap. You want to make sure you’re choosing to spend your time (and hard earned money) at the right parks. The next time you embark on a magical Disney vacation, stay away from the bottom-ranked parks.

7. Epcot


It’s boring compared to the other parks. | Russell102/iStock/Getty Images

Epcot has some amazing qualities. Though futuristic in feel, Epcot provides a sense of nostalgia unlike many other Disney parks. Where else can you “travel around the globe, under the sea, into outer space… and beyond?” However, the main complaints about Epcot seem to be that it’s boring compared to other Disney parks, and that it just doesn’t seem like it has longevity (i.e. timeless attractions).

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6. Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Pandora The World Of Avatar Dedication

There isn’t actually that much to do. | Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Disney’s Animal Kingdom definitely goes all out in terms of decor and whimsy. Guests are truly transported into the animal kingdom. However, that’s pretty much where the magic stops. Out of the whole park, there are only a couple actual rides (Expedition Everest, Pandora: World of Avatar). Lots to look at — not a whole lot to do.

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5. Hong Kong Disneyland

It needs some work. | Mark Ashman/Disney via Getty Images

Though Hong Kong Disneyland has some identity issues, there’s hope for the future.  “HKDL has announced a huge Frozen, Marvel, and castle expansion (yes, they’re expanding the castle). While there’s the potential for this to strip Hong Kong Disneyland of its quaint charm and intimacy, it really needs these additions–and an identity of its own. If all goes well, Hong Kong Disneyland could be an elite Disney theme park by its 15th anniversary,” says Disney Tourist Blog.

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4. California Adventure

Disneyland's California Adventure

No one really knows what it’s about. | Disney

Disney’s California Adventure has the opposite problem of Animal Kingdom: a lot of fun, but no real cohesive theme. Especially with the additions of Guardians of the Galaxy – MISSION and the upcoming Pixar pier, it’s hard to nail down what California Adventure is all about.

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3. Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland

It’s just not as charming as the other parks. | Disney

Shanghai Disneyland is getting mixed reviews. While some are praising the park for its ambition, others complain about the domestic budget cuts and jumping too far into the future. WDW Info is even worried that some of the ride details are so advanced that it makes other parks look bad, and that the futuristic animatronics take away from Disney’s classic charm.

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2. Disney Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Tower of Terror Disney

There are only four rides. | Disney

The old Hollywood charm and glamour make Hollywood Studios what it is, but besides what’s going on decor wise on Sunset and Hollywood Boulevard, there’s hardly anything to do. As of 2018, the park really only has four rides (That doesn’t feel like enough to even qualify as a park!), though plenty of behind-the-scenes, interactive attractions. If you visit the Disney World website, you’ll see a lot of “coming soon” on the Hollywood Studios page. But to make this park feel like a fully finished park, they’ll need to add even more than what’s already coming.

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1. Walt Disney Studios Park

Disney Paris' Cinemagique

They’ve actually managed to get worse. | Disney

Walt Disney Studios Park is a crowd least-favorite. Lacking direction and quality attractions, it makes the top of the list. “Walt Disney Studios Park has–against all odds–also managed to get worse over the course of the last year thanks to the closing of its best attraction, Cinemagique,” says Disney Tourist Blog writer Tom Bricker. “And even with some loosely-defined plans to inject Marvel into the park in the coming years, Walt Disney Studios Park remains a rudderless ship, and one that needs several areas of the park rebuilt from the ground up.”

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