The Place Where Donald Trump’s Mother Grew Up May Be the Dark Secret Behind His Biggest Insecurity

There’s plenty that the average American doesn’t know about Donald Trump’s mother. The president loves to talk about his dad, but has been pretty tight-lipped about his mom, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump. Donald Trump seems to have a tumultuous relationship with some members of his family. The president, like anyone else, isn’t without his insecurities. And as Newsweek reports, Trump seems to inherited his biggest insecurity from his mother, who grew up in a very humble part of Scotland but ended up in an opulent mansion in New York.

Read on to get the inside story on where Donald Trump’s mother grew up, and how her immigrant roots could be the dark secret behind the president’s biggest insecurity.

1. Donald Trump’s mother grew up in Scotland

Mary Anne Macleod Trump young

She grew up on a tiny island. | Seeker UK via Youtube

As Newsweek reports, the woman who would later become Mary Anne MacLeod Trump grew up on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. That sounds idyllic. But the publication notes that she spent the first 17 years of her life in Tong, a fishing village, “closer to Iceland than to London.”

Though she later raised her son in a mansion in Queens, “she grew up among poor islanders in a two-bedroom rented cottage crammed with her and 10 siblings.”

Next: She and her family lived in this part of their village. 

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