The Real Reason Ivanka Trump Is Nothing Like Kim Jong Un’s Sister

Kim Yo Jong, younger sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, made headlines across the country when she visited the Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang. Maybe it was because she was such a surprise. The world is used to seeing photos of Kim Jong Un, but a smiling woman in a position of power from North Korea? That was unique.

Still, media outlets such as CNN who published glowing reports about how Kim Yo Jong was “stealing the show” and made comparisons between her and Ivanka Trump incited mixed reactions from the public. Besides being women, do Kim Yo Jong and Ivanka Trump have anything in common? Read on to find out.

They’re both related to men who run countries

Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump

Both leaders are controversial, but for different reasons. | Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

The main reason for these comparisons is that the two women are both related to controversial world leaders. And since Trump and Kim Jong Un are both seen as aggressive, egotistical, and even maniacal, it makes sense to seek out similarities between members of their trusted inner circles.

According to NBC News, Kim Yo Jong has several roles within the North Korean government, including propaganda guru, communications aide, administrative gatekeeper, and personal confidant. Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump is an unpaid adviser and assistant to her father, President Trump. Her husband Jared in a senior adviser.

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Are they really who they seem?

Kim Yo Jong North Korea

She isn’t what most people expect. | Patrick Semansky – Pool/Getty Images

Kim Yo Jong attended the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics while Ivanka Trump is attending closing ceremonies. Both appeal to a broader audience thanks to their more restrained and appealing public personas.

“Kim Yo Jong kept smiling, and she seemed nice,” Lee Ryoon-ryong, a 25-year-old who attended the Korean women’s ice hockey match at the Olympics, told The Washington Post. “I was surprised because she looked different from the image I had about North Koreans.”

Both women also dress in a conservative and minimalist fashion. But it turns out that’s where the similarities end.

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Trump’s policies are nothing compared to Kim Jong Un’s regime

Military in North Korea

Trump is one thing, but Kim Jong Un is another. | Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

Regardless of the opinions you have about Donald Trump, his posturing and questionable actions cannot be compared to the brutal regime run by Kim Jong Un in North Korea.

Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans have been beaten, tortured, starved, and imprisoned in work camps for offenses as minor as watching unapproved films or using a cell phone. While Kim Jong Un and other government officials feast on fine foods and imported alcohol, the people of the country are starving to death.

Ivanka Trump may agree with her father on some controversial issues, but she isn’t helping him send American citizens to their death for speaking out against their agenda. So far, the Trump administration hasn’t hosted any public executions to assert their power over the people.

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Kim Yo Jong is complicit in the horrifying human rights violations in North Korea

A boy collects corn cob beside railway

She is definitely complicit in the regime. | Xiaolu Chu/Getty Images

Kim Jong Un’s sister, nicknamed “Princess Yo Jong” by her late father, is far from ignorant of the oppressive rule of her home country. In fact, she plays an active role in promoting her brother’s image as Supreme Leader and in allowing the atrocities to continue.

According to the Washington Post, “People in the [North Korean work] camps undergo the most brutal forms of torture and punishment imaginable, including being hung on hooks over open fires, while women raped by camp guards undergo forced abortions and prisoners who die of starvation are fed to dogs.”

She may have a smiling face, but Kim Yo Jong is anything but sweet and innocent.

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Trump may be pushing an agenda, but it’s nothing compared to North Korean propaganda

The propaganda is at a new level. | Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

Fake news is nothing compared to the propaganda pushed through the schools of North Korea.

Schoolchildren as young as kindergartners are taught to hate both Americans and Japanese citizens through games which involve beating dummies dressed as soldiers. They’re taught that Kim Jong Un is a divine being who should be obeyed without question.

The children are desensitized to violence from a young age as they’re forced to witness brutality on a daily basis.

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Kim Yo Jong probably thinks she’s a deity

Kim Yo Jong sister of Kim Jong Un with the President of South Korea

She directs the propaganda. | -/AFP/Getty Images

For most Americans, it’s impossible to conceive living in a communist country. We may “worship” athletes and celebrities, but it’s nothing compared to how North Korean leaders see themselves and force their constituents to view them.

Kim Yo Jong is the deputy director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department, and is a senior official in one of the strictest utilitarian regimes in the world. Every citizen of North Korea must obey their rule without question.

One defector told The Post, “It’s like a religion. From birth, you learn about the Kim family, learn that they are gods, that you must be absolutely obedient to the Kim family.”

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North Korea’s Olympic attendance means little

South and North Korea meet to discuss Olympics

Just because they agreed to behave for the Olympics, doesn’t mean they’ll be rational in the future. | AFP/Getty Images

Many see North Korea’s Olympic attendance as a potential positive. Their inclusion at a worldwide event could mean that they’re ready to speak rationally with other world leaders and hopefully dissipate the threat of nuclear war.

But still, it’s hard to trust anything North Korea does. Some may remember the last time South Korea hosted the games, in 1987, a North Korean agent blew up a civilian airliner, killing all 115 crew and passengers.

When it comes to female leaders in politics, Ivanka Trump and Kim Yo Jong are just about as different as they come.

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