The Right Way to Clean Your Instant Pot’s Sealing Ring and Other Challenging Home Items

Make cleaning easier by using a few ingredients that pack some serious power. Coupled with the power of the kitchen appliances themselves, have a clean kitchen, and home, in no time at all. Keep reading to learn how to clean some of the most challenging home items, including a wooden cutting board (page 5) and an Instant Pot sealing ring (page 3).


woman with blender and berries

Easily clean your blender after you make a smoothie. |

Without having to dismantle a blender, get the device squeaky clean. But how? Make the blender do the work for you. Pour a mixture of hot water, dish soap, and chopped lemon in the blender and leave running for a minute, according to the Kitchn. Feel free to replace lemon with white vinegar.

Hint: Let your slow cooker clean itself.

Slow cooker

crockpot, Thai food

Let the slow cooker clean itself. |

Similar to the blender, one of the easiest and most effective ways of cleaning a slow cooker is by letting the machine do the work. Fill the slow cooker with water and dish soap. Then turn on the slow cooker to the low setting for an hour to loosen any food residue, according to the HuffPost.

Hint: This kitchen appliance has a cult following. Here’s how the device should be cleaned.

Instant Pot sealing ring

Instant Pot

Use white vinegar to clean the ring. | Instant Pot Community via Facebook

“Soak the ring in white vinegar diluted with water, as long as you can stand it,” according to Bon Appétit. The Kitchn suggests steaming white vinegar or water, and a lemon rind in the Instant Pot. If the smell is still there, don’t worry. “Just because the ring smells doesn’t mean it transfers the smell to the food,” Urvashi Pitre, author of, Indian Instant Pot, wrote.

Hint: Easily clean the most challenging item in your kitchen with this paste.

Stove top

Stove top

Try water, salt, and baking soda to clean it. | SweetBabeeJay/iStock/Getty Images

Use a mixture of water, salt, and baking soda as a paste to loosen crusty, dried food on the stove top and be left with a shiny, glowing surface. Mix together one tablespoon of salt, baking soda, and water, according to the HuffPost. Don’t worry about getting harmful chemicals near your stove because this method uses all natural ingredients.

Hint: You’re probably making this big mistake when cleaning a wooden cutting board.

Wooden cutting board

Wooden cutting board

Stand it upright to dry. | Didecs/iStock/Getty Images

Use lemon, kosher salt, vinegar, and baking soda (see a pattern with these ingredients yet?) to remove any residue, smells, or stains from a wooden cutting board, according to Ree Drummond, blogger and star of Pioneer Woman on Food Network. Most importantly, dry the cutting board and stand it up to dry. Laying a wooden cutting board down flat to try can trap moisture.

Hint: Use a toothbrush to clean this area prone to mold and grime.


Cleaning Grout

Use baking soda and vinegar. | Mokee81/iStock/Getty Images

Cleaning grout anywhere in the house is a tedious task no one likes. Make the process easier and stress-free with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Apply the mixture to a toothbrush and scrub away any stains, according to Apartment Therapy. Add hydrogen peroxide for really tough stains. To keep from getting a toothbrush out, spray grout after every shower with baking soda and vinegar.

Hint: Use a condiment to get rid of this pesky problem.

Tarnished pots and pans

Pan cleaning

Ketchup is the secret cleaning ingredient. | Ozgur Coskun/iStock/Getty Images

Remove tarnish from pots and pans by using ketchup to remove stains. That’s right, ketchup. Dab some on the tarnished item and gently rub, according to HouseBeautiful. Rinse away with warm water.

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