The Riviera Maya Resort Both You and Your Kids Will Want to Visit

With the turquoise ocean and white-sand beaches, taking a vacation right in the heart of the Riviera Maya seems like a dream. But if you’re looking into a family vacation excursion, it’s wise to have concerns that an all-inclusive stay may break the bank. Not only that, but you may also wonder if the younger members of the family will find enough activities during the stay to make your Mexican vacation worth it at all.

While plenty of resorts are adults-only, there are family-friendly options that offer plenty of adult and kid-oriented activities the entire family can enjoy (and you’ll still have a few bucks left at the end of your stay, too).

Iberostar Paraíso Maya offers a 5-star experience for everyone

Iberostar Paraiso Maya

Iberostar Paraiso Maya | Iberostar Hotels via Facebook

Iberostar resorts boast an impressive presence on the Riviera Maya. The chain originated in Spain back in the ’80s and has since grown to become a worldwide name thanks to their welcoming atmosphere, top-of-the-line service, and amazing amenities, no matter where you’re choosing to stay. With five all-inclusive hotels on their Riviera Maya property, you can choose between four of them if you’re planning on taking adults under the age of 18 with you to Mexico. And when it comes to getting the luxury treatment for the whole family, look no further than Paraíso Maya, which opened in 2005.

Iberostar Paraiso Maya

Iberostar Paraiso Maya | Iberostar Hotels via Twitter

Adult appeal: You’ll enjoy the unique cocktail menu with a range of upscale liquors that can be found in any of the bars and clubs on the property. You also may notice all of the furniture at the Maya is a beautiful sight in itself, as it’s all made from brass, limestone, or wood. And when it comes to the food, there are four à la carte restaurants and the buffet to choose from (the kids will love picking out exactly what they want to eat every day, too).

As for price, rooms start at $111 USD per person per night.

Child playing at Iberostar Riviera Maya resorts

Child playing at Iberostar Riviera Maya resorts | Iberostar Hotels & Resorts via Facebook

Kid approved: For kids between the ages of 4 and 17, Star Camp is an activity program Iberostar has implemented just for their enjoyment. Here, children and teens will have the chance to get together and work with others in their age group while playing games and taking part in educational challenges. The activities involve a lot of collaboration, so not only will they be learning, but they’ll also be making friends (and it’ll give you peace of mind to know they’re in good hands while you’re sipping your margarita poolside).

In total, there are 140 activities offered at Star Camp that range from the culinary to the artistic to the athletic — there’s truly something for everyone. And kids will also be taught about the ocean and how best to preserve it, which is also in line with Iberostar’s plastic-free mission and save-the-earth values.

As for activities you can do with your child at the Maya, there’s a fantastic lazy river and wave pool families love. They can enjoy an ice cream sundae while you enjoy a cocktail or treat yourself here, too.

Iberostar offers other family-friendly hotels on the same property

Iberostar Paraiso Lindo

Iberostar Paraiso Lindo | Iberostar Hotels & Resorts via Facebook

The Paraíso Maya isn’t the only gorgeous and family-oriented hotel offered by Iberostar, either. You can also bring your under-18 guests with you to:

Paraíso Lindo:

Price: Rooms start at $95 USD per person per night

Like the Maya, the Lindo another 5-star hotel on the same property (and for slightly less each night if budget is a concern). The Lindo features stoned paths, gorgeous patios, and gold leaf touches throughout, and you’ll also get the all-inclusive dining and cocktails. For the kids, the Star Camp is still an option here as well.

Paraíso del Mar

Price: Rooms start at $83 USD per person per night

If lounging by the pool is on your agenda, the Mar is one of the best hotels in the country for that. With a pool that’s 3,280 feet in length, it boasts one of the largest in the Mayan Riviera. There’s also a separate kids pool at this hotel for young ones 4 to 12 years of age. If you have younger children, this might be the best bet for you.

Paraíso Beach:

Price: Rooms start at $83 per person per night

Like Mar, you also get access to that mammoth pool when you stay at Beach, so grab a drink and live it up. The kid’s pool here is open for 4-12-year-olds, and Star Camp is also an option. Also, you can’t forget about the carousel that resides near the shopping complex that is available to any of the Iberostar guests in the Riviera Maya — it delights kids and adults alike.

Want an adults-only vacation? Check out the Grand Paraíso

Iberostar Grand Paraiso

Iberostar Grand Paraiso | Iberostar Hotels & Resorts via Facebook

Counting the kids out of your next vacation? You can enjoy the most luxurious Iberostar hotel instead, which is the Grand Paraíso. Starting at $191 USD per night, not only do you have access to the adults-only atmosphere of the Grand, but you can also gain access to any of the other four hotels. The Grand itself has multiple pools, beach-front views, and a 24/7 bar in the lobby, too.

When staying at the Grand, you also have the option of being a Star Prestige guest. This gives you further personalized resort service and the finest amenities Iberostar has to offer — it even starts with a bottle of champagne upon arrival. As a Star Prestige member, you also have access to exclusive events, areas of the hotel, and a members-only section of the gorgeous beach.

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Editor’s note: Guest accommodations were provided by Iberostar Grand Paraíso. Opinions and recommendations are our own.