The Royal Family’s Favorite Restaurants, Including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Date Night Spot

The British royal family has a kitchen staff available to them at all hours of the day but on some occasions, they like to eat out. But they don’t eat at just any restaurant. Discover where Prince Harry (page 5), Prince Philip (page 4), and Kate Middleton (page 2) like to eat, ahead.

The Goring

Exterior view of The Goring Hotel

The royals have some serious history at the hotel. | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

At the end of every year, Queen Elizabeth II hosts lunch for her staff at The Goring to celebrate the holidays, according to Food & Wine. Kate Middleton stayed at the hotel the night before her wedding and Prince Harry fell off one of the hotel’s balconies, according to the Evening Standard.

Hint: One royal couple enjoys a tiki bar.


Mahiki Kensington

A fun choice for the couple. | Mahiki Kensington via Facebook

Before they became parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton were frequently spotted at Mahiki, a club and cocktail bar. Mahiki serves tropical drinks, according to Food & Wine. We wonder if the couple sipped on margaritas or piña coladas.

Hint: A royal couple hosted a staff dinner here.


Bumpkin London

Kate and William are fans of the restaurant. | Bumpkin via Facebook

After getting married, Prince William and Kate Middleton frequented Bumpkin, where they hosted a dinner for their staff, according to People. Bumpkin has two locations and serves locally sourced British specialties such as fish and chips.

Hint: Prince Philip is a member of a prestigious club.

The Arts Club

The Arts Club

It seems to have less of a debaucherous reputation these days. | The Arts Club, Dover Street London via Facebook

Formed in 1863, The Arts Club is a members only club with a lounge, a library bar, a garden, a cigar terrace, and a host of other rooms. Past members include Charles Dickens and Rudyard Kipling, according to Country & Town House. Prince Philip is a member of this club and as fans of The Crown know, he enjoyed the club as a young man.

Hint: Prince Harry drops by this restaurant for pizza.

Bunga Bunga

Bunga Bunga

It’s owned by Prince Harry’s friend. | BungaTINI via Facebook

Bunga Bunga’s owner is a friend of Prince Harry’s so it’s no surprise he likes to eat here. The pizzeria offers guests a casual and fun atmosphere to enjoy pizza, drinks, and brunch. Prince Harry may have to show up here in disguise.

Hint: Prince Harry doesn’t need a reservation to dine here.

Byron Burger

Byron Hamburgers

Prince Harry loves their burgers. | Byron Hamburgers via Facebook

One of Prince Harry’s most regularly visited restaurants is Byron Burger, according to the Evening Standard. Byron Burger serves what they call “proper burgers.” Burgers on the menu include the double bacon cheese and smashed avocado.

Hint: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had their first date at this restaurant.

Dean Street Townhouse

Dean Street Townhouse

Looks like a perfect first date spot. | Dean Street Townhouse via Facebook

Dean Street Townhouse is comprised of a restaurant and hotel split between two historic residences. Guests will find no paper napkins here. Expect to see white tablecloths and cloth napkins. Guests can also expect to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as this is where they spent their first date, according to Food & Wine.

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