The Savage Way Restaurant Servers Have Messed With Rude Customers

Dining out should be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. However, some customers are increasingly difficult and negative toward the serving staff and some servers have trouble taking the wrap from demanding clientele.

The saying goes that the customer is always right, however, these servers were determined to show them otherwise. We found servers across the internet who had savage accounts of what they did when faced with insufferable customers. One story heeds a warning of why you should never, ever mess with a customer’s food (page 15).

Mess with their food and drink

red wine pouring in a restaurant

You will only get half a glass. | CarlosAndreSantos/iStock/Getty Images

“I’ve been in service for 7 years … A**holes get short pours. If you suck I’m not going to let you get drunk … the worst I’ve seen is a salad cook took the money from his wallet and stirred it with someone’s salad.” – bcarter12

“Nothing that would ever physically harm someone, because that’s not cool. But yes, I’ll make sure your food is godawful if you manage to really piss me off.” – bornfrustrated

Next: If you’re rude to the host, you may not like your seat.

Seat them next to another undesirable customer

Young couple

You will get seated next to fellow jerks. | gpointstudio/iStock/Getty Images

A few hosts and servers admitted to seating demanding patrons near the bathroom, and this Reddit host had an even more ingenious idea.

“When I was a host some people came in and were incredibly rude to me, and almost pushed me out of the way to get to their seat before I told them that I would seat them. I did as I was told. Then families with high chairs (aka small screaming children) started coming in, so I did the logical thing. I surrounded the jerks with the small screaming children.” – Cheerleader4thedead

Next: Play it cool or watch for falling food.

“Accidentally” drop food on them

Female friends smiling and laughing With Each Other.

You will get food dropped on you. | ibowdenimages/iStock/Getty Images

“When I was much younger I was a waitress in a Gentleman’s Club in Mayfair, London, when one man was particularly rude, arrogant and discourteous. I got so angry I ‘accidentally’ dropped his plate of food all over him. I lost the job but momentarily felt avenged!” – Deb Shapiro

Next: Online reviews work both ways.

They get revenge on the internet

Check on table

If you leave a bad tip, you could get called out. | Jupiterimages/iStock/Getty Images

If you have great service, tip well — it’s how servers actually make money. There are servers who have been known to out bad tippers on the Internet.

A server was insulted by a customer who left her no tip and added, “P.S. You could stand to lose a few pounds,” on the receipt. She uploaded a photo of the bill to her Facebook page and found the customer online. She sought out Internet revenge and had strangers, friends, and bloggers calling the customer out.

Next: Give a little, get a little.

They throw attitude right back

If you give attitude, you’ll get it back. | iStock/Getty Images

In the thread TalesFromYourServer, one bartender told of a customer that had such a bad attitude, she couldn’t resist reacting. “Some guy and his girlfriend come up to the bar, he orders without even looking at me … ask him if he’d like to start a tab or close out. Without looking at me or pausing his conversation he gets a card out of his wallet and throws it past my outstretched hand onto the bar. It wasn’t a gentle placement or a light toss, the card flew across and off the bar top into my well.”

Since I didn’t actually get an answer to my question, and I know he heard me, I decide to close him out because I’d prefer to never interact with this human again. He stretches out his hand to grab the tray with the receipt and his card, but I throw it on the bar top instead and walk away … he looks at me like I killed his mom. I also heard him say ‘She just threw that at me,’ to his lady.” – youridiotaccountant

Next: A DNA test proved that this paranoid customer was correct.

Spit in the soda

Young woman seated at a terrace taking soda coke

The rumors are true.  | naikon/iStock/Getty Images

Ken Yerdon, the 45-year-old New York man who visited a suburban Chili’s in late July, was so paranoid that his server spat in his soda that he took it to a police lab for DNA testing. The craziest part? He was right.

The court papers showed that the DNA testing proved there was definitely saliva in the soda. Yerdon and his wife sued Chili’s for “psychological trauma.”

Next: If you don’t seem like you’ll tip, you may not end up with a choice.

They add in mandatory gratuity

Restaurant bill check

You’ll get an automatic added if you’re rude. | monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

“… if a group of customers is especially rude for no reason (claiming that they didn’t receive food when the dirty dish is in the back, complaining that their burger is not well done when it clearly is, just being … obnoxious to me or disturbing other customers) I add an 18% gratuity charge to their bill and claim that “it’s a policy.” My boss always backs me up on this if the customer is … outrageous and this way I get a good tip and the customer is forced to pay a little extra for their behavior.” –jazzledax

Next: Look out for change that you can’t spend.

They give you useless change

U.S. coins on old wooden background

If you’re rude, you get crappy change. | jirkaejc/iStock/Getty Images

“I get back at rude regulars by slipping them Canadian pennies in their change, giving them the dirtiest grimiest money in my drawer, and giving them a bunch of coins. Oh their change is $0.75? They’re getting two quarters, a dime, and three nickels. I also itemize their receipt to make things cost as much as possible instead of making it into combos and such to be cheaper.” – moldy_guacamole

Next: The nicer you are, the better service you’ll receive.

They neglect the tables

Calling the waitress

If you’re being neglected, it might be you. | lucato/iStock/Getty Images

“I don’t care if strangers don’t respect me, but I do care if I respect myself, and I respect myself enough to not intentionally be sh*** at something I supposedly do for a living.” – aikidi

A lot of it depends on if the server thinks the customer will tip. “If they don’t tip at all, I do the minimum, it’s not getting even, it’s just watching my bottom line. They can have prompt seating, drinks and orders entered, but if they have a request that collides with another table’s request, the other table will get service first. If his drink is low and someone else needs a dessert, dessert goes out then I get his drink.” –  Sysiphuslove

Next: Hopefully your order comes out correct.

Or purposefully give you the wrong order

Waiters carrying plates with meat dish at a wedding

They might be messing it up on purpose. | 6okean/iStock/Getty Images

“I’ve also ‘accidentally’ gotten some orders wrong, making them wait for theirs to be remade while everyone else eats. Then you throw the new entree onto the plate with the old sides, so they wait and their sides are cooled off.” – DariusJenai

Next: Decaf is the default retaliation method.

They switch out your coffee

Coffee mug on old wood

Beware of decaf. | trinetuzun/iStock/Getty Images

“I was never a waiter but I did work at Starbucks when I was in University. A customer was being really rude so I gave her whole milk instead of nonfat. I still feel horrible about it.” – eyepuncher

“I worked at Starbucks as well and would give people decaf if they were jerks. I had one customer call me stupid once … There is only so much you can do with a rude customer so typically it rolls off my back. No one has the right to make another human being like less of a person.” – rivieramaya

Next: The best pours are reserved for the kind customers.

They’ll switch your drinks and your drink order

Creative exotic alcoholic cocktails in bar

They might switch it up on you. | Milkos/Getty Images

“I’d switch peoples drinks if they ordered the same drink and asks for a refill or something I would refill and switch their drinks so they drank each others’,” an ex-server said.

Another Reddit user had a tactic for retaliating against rude customers who were drinking. “… Get the bartender to replace their drink orders with cheap booze.” – romasoccer

Next: If you want to eat, be polite.

They intentionally starve you

The last person to get their food might be ignored for a reason. | iStock/Getty Images

“Years ago, in a restaurant with a large group of people, the waitstaff saw my sister’s husband verbally abusing her. He never got his meal. We all ate without him. Every time he asked, the staff said it would be just a few more minutes. I’m convinced they intentionally starved him. They don’t even know what a scumbag he really was. Thankfully he’s out of my sister’s life now. –Angarius

Next: Sometimes confrontation is the best solution.

They confronted the guest

Cheerful couple

You might get called out in person. | Minerva Studio/iStock/Getty Images

This server took a different approach to deal with a rude table and confronted them about their behavior.

“Everything seemed to be going well albeit maybe a little slow, it was just calming down from our busiest day … I go to get the check and they left me $2 on an $80 dollar bill with a note that said ‘service was not good and you were not very attentive’ or something like that,”

I decided I would go talk to them about there experience … I said, ‘ma’am, I’m really sorry that your first experience here wasn’t great but just for a little perspective from my side, you are one of my last tables and I’ve been here for 7 hours, honestly I’m a little tired … perhaps not the most professional but it’s human.” – thuggerybuffoonery

Next: This reliable source reveals why you should never mess with someone’s food.

Why you should never mess with someone’s food …

Waitress Takes Payment For Restaurant Bill

Sometimes getting back at a rude customer will seriously backfire. | iStock/Getty Images

A cop’s response popped up on the Reddit thread and offered some great advice on why servers should avoid messing with a customer’s order, for their own good.

“Just wanted to mention that messing with someone’s food can be really dangerous … I went to a call once where a customer had been a d*** to a waiter all night, so the waiter … coats the dudes’ burger in every sauce the place has. Little did he know, the customer was allergic to peanuts contained in one of the sauces.  Sad thing is, the waiter was really nice, and the customer really was an ass! … we arrested him for a felony (later pled to a misdemeanor, but still cost him his job and clean record.” – Jestrick


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