The Shocking Cruise Ship Disasters You Need to Know About

For the most part, cruise ships are incredibly safe. For every disaster that occurs on a ship, there are many, many more completely safe voyages. However, cruise ships aren’t untouchable.

We’re not trying to dissuade you from taking a vacation at sea, but, for those who are curious, here are some of the biggest disasters to happen on a cruise ship through the years.

1. The poop cruise

Carnival cruise ship

It was a total nightmare. | Paul McConnell/U.S. Coast Guard via Getty Images

This cruise disaster earned its horrifying name when, thanks to an engine fire, the Carnival Triumph lost power and had to collect all of the on-board sewage waste into biohazard bags. Then, the crew piled up the bags next to guest cabins. What’s worse? We now know that the ship set sail with full knowledge that it had an ongoing problem with the engine. Thus, the voyage turned into an eight-day nightmare of floating in the Gulf of Mexico without power, air-conditioning, or a working septic system.

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