The Special Meaning Behind the Gifts Oprah Gave Meghan Markle’s Mother

US presenter Oprah Winfrey arrives for the wedding ceremony of Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and US actress Meghan Markle at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, in Windsor, on May 19, 2018.

Oprah Winfrey arrives at the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. | Ian West/AFP/Getty Images

Oprah Winfrey knows how to lay it on thick when it comes to gift-giving. And from what we can see, she is a legitimate professional in its art. The Queen of Talk has even rubbed off on other talk show hosts like Ellen DeGeneres, who is now gifting lavish surprises to her studio audience on the regular. Nevertheless, rumors started flying around that Winfrey was buttering up to the Duchess of Sussex’s mother, Doria Ragland, prior to the much-awaited nuptials between Meaghan Markle and Prince Harry back in May.

Who knew Winfrey and Ragland were pals in the first place? 

But really, is there anyone with whom Oprah isn’t chummy? We can think of a couple folks. Anywho, before Winfrey and Ragland took the flight to Windsor for the wedding, the two got together at Lady O’s place for a hangout session. In prime paparazzi form, photos were snapped of Ragland leaving the meet up with bags of what was obviously presumed to be only the best of gifts.

Oprah tells all

Meghan Markle and her mother, Doria Ragland

Meghan Markle and her mother, Doria Ragland | Steve Parsons-Pool/Getty Images

At the premiere of her brand new series Love Is ___, Winfrey caught up with Entertainment Tonight‘s Nischelle Turner to explain what really went down. For starters, one of the bags Ragland had on her arm was her very own. Winfrey explains:

The story was that Meghan’s mom had come to my house and she left laden with gifts. You know what the gifts were? First of all, she’s great at yoga, so I said, ‘Bring your yoga mat and your sneaks in case we just want to do yoga on the lawn.’ So one of the bags was a yoga mat and the other was lunch.

Ragland did not just have one bag though. She had two. Surely, the second bag was full of nothing other than Oprah’s favorite things, right? Well, Winfrey weighed in again:

She said, ‘I love kumquats,’ and I said, ‘I have a kumquat tree! You want some kumquats?’ So it was a basket of kumquats, people. For all of the people who said I am getting her gifts and I’m trying to bribe her for an interview — they were kumquats. If  kumquats can get you an interview, I’m all for it!

So what was the meaning of her gift? 

From what we can tell, there is no grandiose secret meaning. While the bag of kumquats may lend itself to be useful for the Wrinkle in Time star to snag that first interview with Ragland, the jury is still out on whether or not that is going to happen. For all we know, an interview could already be on the record.

Oprah’s most lavish gifts will have you missing her talk show in a big way

People can’t be blamed for thinking Oprah’s gift to Ragland was something to write home about. After all, on The Oprah Winfrey Show, she had medical personnel to help out on big giveaway days because audience members had been known to pass out. Just for fun, here’s a little recap of some of her most memorable giveaways:

  • 276 Pontiacs to her entire studio audience in September 2004
  • $1,000 for every member of the audience
  • 7-day cruise and a diamond-encrusted watch
  • Volkswagon Beetle to the entire audience with the taxes already paid
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