The Top 16 Best Chain Restaurants in America

Forget what the millennials say — chain restaurants aren’t that bad after all.

No, you probably won’t get locally sourced kale or hand-picked vanilla beans from Madagascar, but you will find reasonably priced appetizers and a fun family environment where one giant-sized dinner entrée can provide at least two days of leftovers and servers will always come out clapping and singing on your birthday. Maybe even with a free piece of cake.

Some popular chain restaurants went out of business, but so many others are thriving. And for every trendy experimental restaurant that opens and closes in the span of a year, there’s a neighborhood Denny’s that’ll keep serving Grand Slams through it all.

Market Force Information compiled a list of the best-loved casual dining chain restaurants in America. Factoring in ranking for menu options, food quality, and value, 8,000 survey respondents were able to declare a clear winner. Read on to see who the favorite was.

16. Red Lobster

Red Lobster sign

The restaurant took third in the seafood category. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It’s no easy feat to sell good quality seafood to the masses, but Red Lobster has managed to do it well since their inception in 1968. They may be the 16th overall restaurant chain, but they took third in the seafood category. It could have something to do with the fish … or it may be those cheddar biscuits that everyone’s so obsessed with.

Next: Throw another shrimp on the barbie.

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