The U.S. President and First Lady With the Biggest Age Gap May Surprise You

What is it that keeps us so fascinated with first ladies? Maybe it’s their influence on the president, their public eye fashion, or their ability to enact change from the passenger seat. Either way, the age difference between President Donald Trump and his first lady Melania Trump got us thinking about the widest age gaps between presidents through the ages. Here’s our countdown, with some fun presidential marriage facts.

16. Calvin and Grace Coolidge: 7 years

a bronze portrait of grace coolidge

Grace Coolidge official portrait | National Portrait Gallery

Grace was 26 years old when she married Calvin Coolidge on Oct. 4, 1905. In the simple ceremony, Grace Coolidge wore gray and carried no flowers. Just a handful of relatives and friends attended the ceremony. In the White House, animal-lover Coolidge kept a pet raccoon named Rebecca.

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15. Chester and Ellen Arthur: 7 years

ellen arthur photograph

A photograph of Ellen Arthur | U.S. Library of Congress

Ellen was 22 when she married Chester Alan Arthur on Oct. 29, 1859. Records indicate that the wedding reception was lavish, the rooms filled with hanging baskets, vases, and table bouquets of flowers, fruit baskets, and thousands of stewed, pickled, and raw oysters, lobster, and chicken salads, champagnes, brandy, whiskey, sherry, rum, and Curacao. Sounds like a party!

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14. James K. and Sarah Polk: 8 years

portrait of sarah polk

Sarah Polk official portrait | Office of the President of the United States

Anecdotal tradition claims that the future Sarah Polk teased James K. Polk that she would marry him only after he had been elected to political office in his own right. At the completion of his service as Senate clerk, he was elected to the state legislature in 1823. They married on Jan. 1 the following year.

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13. John Quincy and Louisa Adams: 8 years

louisa adams portrait

Louisa Adams official portrait | Office of the President of the United States

Louisa Adams was the first first lady born outside of the United States. She was 22 when she married John Quincy Adams on July 26, 1797, in her birthplace of London, England. Shortly after their wedding, the couple had planned to sail to Lisbon, Portugal, so Adams could assume a new diplomatic mission. When they married, Adams was reassigned by his father (who had, at that point, been president of the United States for four months) to serve as minister to Prussia.

The wedding of the president’s son to a British-born subject attracted national press back in the United States. The Boston Independent Chronicle noted, “Young John Adams’ Negotiations have terminated in a Marriage Treaty with an English lady.”

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12. Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln: 9 years

mary todd lincoln official portrait

Official portrait of Mary Todd Lincoln | National Portrait Gallery

Mary Todd was 23 when she married Abraham Lincoln on Nov. 4, 1842. On Jan. 1, 1841, Abraham Lincoln broke his initial engagement to Mary Todd, several months after she accepted. For the first two years of their marriage, they lived at the Globe Tavern in Springfield. Deeply traumatized by her husband’s assassination, she showed signs of mental illness.

In 1875, her son Robert had her committed to the Bellevue Insane Asylum, in Batavia, Ill. She twice attempted suicide by taking what she believed to be the drugs laudanum and camphor — which the suspicious pharmacist had replaced with sugar. One of the nation’s first women lawyers, Myra Bradwell, filed an appeal on Lincoln’s behalf and after four months of confinement, the former first lady was released to the care of her sister Elizabeth Edwards in Springfield. Once a second trial on June 19, 1876, declared her sane, she moved to France.

Next: While not a book person, this first lady showed a sense of humor in her letters.

11. Rutherford B. and Lucy Hayes: 9 years

officia portrait of lucy hayes

Lucy Hayes official portrait | White House Historical Association

The former Lucy Webb married Rutherford Birchard Hayes on Dec. 30, 1852. The mother of Hayes, a friend of Webb’s mother, encouraged a match between the two. Hayes fell in love with Webb but wanted to make her more intellectual.

The president said that if she read more literature, practiced writing, and had more frequent and closer contact with cultivated and intellectual individuals, she would “enlarge herself to her fullest mental capacities.” Throughout her life, she wrote letters sparingly but often included self-deprecatory humor.

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10. James and Elizabeth Monroe: 10 years

elizabeth monroe portrait

Elizabeth Monroe official portrait | White House Historical Society

When Elizabeth was 17 years old, she married James Monroe on Feb. 16, 1786. The couple took a honeymoon on Long Island and then lived in the first U.S. capital city of New York with her father.

Recognizing the importance placed on social behavior and appearance at the time, Elizabeth Monroe cultivated a persona that embodied the casualness of American customs while respecting old-world European protocol. It earned her the nickname “La Belle Americane.”

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9. Ronald and Nancy Reagan: 11 years

nancy reagan portrait

Nancy Reagan as an actress | National Portrait Gallery

Nancy and Ronald Reagan married on March 6, 1952, when she was 30 years old. After a honeymoon at the Mission Inn in Riverside, Calif., and Phoenix, Ariz., the Reagans eventually settled in a modern home in the Pacific Palisades section of Los Angeles. General Electric, for whom Reagan then served as national spokesman, built and outfitted the house with all of the company’s latest technology. Nancy Reagan’s godmother was the actress Alla Nazimova.

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8. John F. and Jacqueline Kennedy: 12 years

jacqueline Kennedy portrait

Jacqueline Kennedy official portrait | National Portrait Gallery

The Kennedys married Sept. 12, 1953. Jackie Kennedy became politically active after her husband’s assassination in 1963. She successfully sought President Lyndon Johnson’s support for several measures, including the revitalization of Pennsylvania Avenue. She later involved herself in the creation of the John F. Kennedy Library and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

The former first lady also led an effort to halt the potential damage in Venice posed by rising water levels, and attempted to broker better diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cambodia.

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7. Millard and Abigail Fillmore: 13 years

abigial fillmore official portrait

Official portrait of Abigail Fillmore | National Portrait Gallery

Abigail was 30 years old when she married Millard Fillmore on Feb. 5, 1826. In 1819, Abigail Fillmore originally met her husband when he came to enroll at the New Hope Academy. Before that, he had only rudimentary frontier-school lessons in arithmetic, reading, and writing. Because he previously served as an indentured servant in farming, accounting, chopping wood for lumber, and making cloth, he lacked a continuous education. She helped him learn and they studied together.

When his family moved and they later became separated, Millard Fillmore realized he had fallen in love with his teacher. The pair kept in touch by letter for three years before they eventually reunited.

Next: This courtship became something of a scandal, at the time. 

6. Woodrow and Edith Wilson: 15 years

official portrait of edith wilson

Official portrait of Edith Wilson | National Portrait Gallery

Woodrow Wilson married Edith Bolling Galt when he was already president, on Dec. 18, 1915. His first wife of 29 years, the former Ellen Axson, died the year before. Edith Wilson then met the president while he was still officially in mourning for his first wife, which made their romance a bit of a scandal. Edith Wilson later became known as the “secret president” for handling many of Woodrow Wilson’s duties after he became partially paralyzed by a stroke in 1919.

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5. James and Dolley Madison: 17 years

A photograph of Dolley Madison and Anna Payne

A photograph of Dolley Madison and Anna Payne | National Portrait Gallery

James Madison remained a bachelor throughout the Revolutionary War and beyond, marrying the former Dolley Payne Todd on Sept. 15, 1794, when she was 26. During the 1808 election, Federalist newspapers in Baltimore and Boston implied Madison had intimate relations with President Jefferson as a way of attacking her character. Her popularity later prevailed during the 1812 election.

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4. Donald and Melania Trump: 24 years

Melania Trump Portrait

Official portrait of Melania Trump | The White House via Getty Images

The former Melanija Knavs, the daughter of a former Communist party member, grew up in Slovenia and dropped out of design school to become a model. She met Donald Trump at a party in 1998. They later married at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in 2005.

A quiet person who keeps her own counsel, Melania Trump opted to remain in New York City while her young son, Barron, finished out the school year. In her place, Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump moved her office into the White House and subsequently made many public appearances the first lady would normally take on.

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3. Benjamin and Mary Scott Lord Harrison: 25 years

mary dimmick harrison portrait

Mary Dimmick Harrison official portrait | U.S. Library of Congress

While not technically a first lady, the former Mary Scott Lord Dimmick married Benjamin Harrison on April 6, 1896, three years after he left office. Dimmick was 37 at the time of the wedding. She was also the niece of Caroline Harrison, the president’s first wife.

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2. Grover and Frances Cleveland: 28 years

frances cleveland portrait

Official portrait of Frances Cleveland | National Portrait Gallery

Grover Cleveland and the former Frances Folson held the only presidential wedding ever on the White House grounds on June 2, 1886. She was the daughter of one of Cleveland’s good friends. According to William DeGregorio’s The Complete Book of U.S. Presidents, “Cleveland at 27 met his future wife shortly after she was born. He took an avuncular interest in the child, buying her a baby carriage and otherwise doting on her as she grew up.”

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1. John and Julia Tyler: 30 years

julia tyler official portrait

Julia Tyler official portrait | White House Historical Society

John Tyler takes the prize for largest presidential age gap, at 30 years. He remains the first president ever married in office, when he wed the former Julia Gardiner on June 26, 1844. The Gardiner family went into mourning after what they called the “elopement” of the couple, having held a small ceremony with only 12 guests.

The new presidential bride became the object of enormous public fascination, turning out crowds of thousands to see her. A two-hour White House wedding reception took place on June 28, 1844, with a wedding cake displayed in the Blue Room.

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