The U.S. President and First Lady With the Biggest Age Gap May Surprise You

What is it that keeps us so fascinated with first ladies? Maybe it’s their influence on the president, their public eye fashion, or their ability to enact change from the passenger seat. Either way, the age difference between President Donald Trump and his first lady Melania Trump got us thinking about the widest age gaps between presidents through the ages. Here’s our countdown, with some fun presidential marriage facts.

16. Calvin and Grace Coolidge: 7 years

a bronze portrait of grace coolidge

Grace Coolidge official portrait | National Portrait Gallery

Grace was 26 years old when she married Calvin Coolidge on Oct. 4, 1905. In the simple ceremony, Grace Coolidge wore gray and carried no flowers. Just a handful of relatives and friends attended the ceremony. In the White House, animal-lover Coolidge kept a pet raccoon named Rebecca.

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