The Un-Trump-Ables: Here’s the Team Investigating Russia and Trump

With the Trump-Russia probe gearing up in full speed, it might behoove you to get familiar with the investigative team that Robert Mueller has assembled. The team reads like the “who’s who” of the legal system and brandishes an almost super-hero level caliber of people. This is becoming one of the largest investigations in U.S. history, so follow through and look at the amazing cast of players that may be taking down the Trump administration.

1. Andrew Weissmann

Two white men walking through a courtyard in suits, ties and white shirts.

Federal prosecutors Andrew Weissmann (L) and Matt Friedrich (R) | James Nielsen/AFP/Getty Images

Weissmann is no stranger to danger. He served 15 years as a federal prosecutor in New York. During that time he specialized in going after mafiosos like the Gambino, Genovese, and Colombo families.  He also served as the leader for the Enron task force for which he oversaw the prosecution of 34 people.

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